Cupcakes Galore


January and early February are filled with birthdays amongst my friends and family.  Normally I do a great job – I have homemade cards for them (another hobby of mine) and usually some gift or baked good.  This year I sort of dropped the ball on most of them because I was on some very busy inpatient rotations for school.  I figured “better late then never” was definitely true in this case and decided to do a mass birthday treat effort to make up for my tardiness.  I was inspired by these cute cupcake boxes and decided to fill them with four different types of cupcakes.  Fun to make and a great excuse to use my beloved mechanical pastry bag 🙂  Not surprisingly, these were a huge hit with all those who received them.  I think these bakery-style boxes really add to the presentation and I would love to do more things like this.

In an effort to not make this entry ridiculously long with 4 cake recipes and 4 frosting recipes, I will simply link to my sources and give any comments I have.


Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting
If there was any favorite of the four cupcake flavors, it was probably these.  Not surprising because this cake is delicious and the frosting is to die for.  Both have been featured on the blog previously but they are definitely worth mentioning a second time.

Source: cake from Annie’s Eats, frosting from Confections of a Foodie Bride


Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting
I think out of the four flavors, these were my favorite.  I was unable to keep myself from eating all the leftovers 🙂  I had originally planned to do a classic chocolate buttercream, but after spending so much time in the kitchen with my shoulders starting to ache, I decided to go for something easier.  I am SO glad I did.  The frosting is delicious and was incredibly simple.  This will definitely be my go-to chocolate frosting from now on.

Sources: cake from Blonde Ambition in the Kitchen, frosting from Hershey’s


Confetti Cupcakes with Marshmallow Frosting
I am never much of a fan of boxed cake mixes but I know that Funfetti is quite popular.  I do love how much sprinkles can jazz up white cake, so I was thrilled when I found this recipe for homemade Funfetti.  My only complaint was that 2 tbsp. of sprinkles in my cupcakes was not nearly enough to have the right “confetti effect”.  Depending on the size of sprinkles you use, you may want to use more.  Just use your judgement, I’ll definitely use way more next time.  As far as the frosting, it was very tasty but I think I just don’t love meringue as much as regular frosting.  Next time I make these I’ll probably try them with regular vanilla buttercream instead.

Source: Baking Bites


Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting
I’m not a chocolate-peanut butter fanatic as some people seem to be, but this combination is really good.  The frosting is just perfect – a good peanut butter flavor, but still sweet and not overpowering.  These were very popular as well. 

Sources: cake from Hershey’s, frosting from Ina Garten on Food Network

18 Responses

  1. oh my goodness… they all look so good!! i could totally go for a cupcake right now!

  2. These all look so wonderful! Great job with the icing!

  3. Okay, seeing all of those cute cupcakes totally gives me the craving to bake! I love the look of the marshmallow frosting. And I like how you piped the cream cheese frosting on the red velvets. What size tip is that? Those Ina cupcakes look great! You can’t beat the chocolate and peanut butter combo!

  4. Goodness, you were a busy lady! I love the little star confetti!

  5. wow, those are so cute! my best friend gave me goodie gift boxes recently because she knew how much i would love to do something like this! the frosting is so pretty on them! i don’t think i could frost my cupcakes so well….

  6. Annie, your cupcakes are seriously the cutest! I can never get mine to look even half as good. Great job! I love the sprinkles!

  7. Great idea! My Ben has been bugging me to do a cupcake buffet party. Now I’m inspired!

  8. Karen,
    Unfortunately I don’t know what size tip that is! My mechanical pastry bag is from Williams Sonoma and it came with a few large and a few small tips. These are the large tips, but sizes aren’t marked.

    I think a cupcake buffet is a fabulous idea. Let me know if you want any suggestions as far as other flavors go, because now I have TONS more ideas (and a lot of starred recipes) 🙂

  9. How adorable are all of those cupcakes!!! You did a beautiful job decorating them.

  10. […] made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, vanilla cupcakes with blue vanilla buttercream frosting, and Devil’s Food cupcakes […]

  11. Yummy!! You’ve officially made me drool and I’m not ashamed to admit it! lol

  12. Thanks a ton- I am so craving cupcakes now! Beautiful!

  13. Hi Annie, could you please tell me how long you baked the yellow cupcakes for? I couldn’t find anything on the original poster’s site and I just need a starting point on when to start checking them.


  14. Hi Annie,

    So I made the cupcakes and they tasted “thick”..not moist at all. I know it was something I did, any suggestions for next time?

    Mind you, that did not stop me from eating a few! lol


    • Hi Lorie,
      I’m not sure what might have gone wrong, but I can tell you that I have since made other yellow cake recipes that have turned out much better than this one. The fluffy yellow layer cake in my blog is great, and I have another recipe that I hope to post eventually as well. You might want to try a new one!
      🙂 Annie

  15. Hey Annie!

    Thinking of trying out your red velvet cupcakes for the 4th. Would it be okay if I use gels to color the frosting? Also, I recently purchased the mechanical pastery bag and love it! Thanks so much for the recommendation.

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