E is for Excellent!


A huge thanks to Chelle of Sugar & Spice for awarding my blog with this honor!  This is especially meaningful to me coming from her, as her blog is one of my favorites.  If she hadn’t just received it herself, I would certainly be bestowing it upon her 🙂  My blog is a hobby that I started just for fun, but it has become more fun and important to me than I expected it would be.  I am always trying to improve it and I am happy to know that my efforts have been recognized.

I would like to rate the following blogs as Excellent in my opinion:

1. Confections of a Foodie Bride – Wow.  This is what I think practically every time I see a new blog post from Shawnda.  Her creative talents in the kitchen continue to amaze me, and her photography is enviable.  Practically every post makes me want to pack up and go live at her house so she can cook for me.  She is an inspiration!

2. Amber’s Delectable Delights – I love Amber’s blog for many reasons.  First, the fact that she makes food I would actually want to try with ingredients I can actually find in my grocery store.  Also, she shares my love of bread baking and is always challenging herself with (and then sharing) wonderful new bread recipes.  I also love her ability to put her own spin on a recipe, or to start out with one recipe and come up with something all her own using it as an inspiration.

3. Blonde Ambition in the Kitchen – Who doesn’t love a blog full of delicious baked treats?  No one, that’s who!  I love that this blog is nearly devoted to sweet things.  Not only that, but bakingblonde continues tweaking recipes until she gets exactly what she is going for.  That requires patience that I do not have and I admire and appreciate her efforts!

4. Good Things Catered – Katie’s blog is great because of the wide variety of recipes she posts.  Also, she clearly shares a love of Williams Sonoma recipes with yours truly 🙂  She has made some very impressive things and I always look forward to her posts.

4 Responses

  1. Oh, Annie, I can’t thank you enough! You have made my day! I love you blog and wait anxiously for each update as I know each recipe is a winner. I have loved everything i have made from your blog, especially your lasagna!!

  2. i completely agree that your blog is excellent! congrats on the honor!

  3. You totally deserve the honor Annie, you’ve got a wonderful blog that I thoroughly enjoy! And thank you for the kind words 🙂

  4. Thank you so much Annie!! You are to sweet.

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