Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes

I have never actually had Boston cream pie, but I think I automatically love it because I LOVE these cupcakes!  I wasn’t so sure about them at first because I am admittedly a boxed cake snob.  I really don’t like to make things with boxed cake mix if I can help it.  I almost made yellow cupcakes from scratch instead but then decided that since I would still have to make the filling, add the filling, make the ganache and do the glazing, the cake mix might be worth it just for the convenience.  I must say, I am glad I went with the box.  The cake tasted fine and it certainly made things a lot simpler.  These are very fun cupcakes and honestly, using the boxed mix, they didn’t take much time at all.  And the filling – OH, the filling!  I am normally never one to eat while I cook or bake…I’m strange that way I guess…but I will admit, I ate several spoonfuls of the leftover filling.  It tastes gooood.  I’ll definitely be making these again!  One tiny note – the ganache ended up having a matte finish (unlike in the picture), but only after I refrigerated them.

Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes


1 butter yellow cake mix

1 3-oz. box French vanilla instant pudding

1 cup half and half

1 cup heavy whipping cream

2 tsp. vanilla extract

¼ cup powdered sugar

1 ½ cup chocolate ganache



Prepare yellow cupcakes as directed on box. 


In the meantime, prepare the vanilla custard filling by combining the instant pudding mix the half and half in a medium bowl.  In a stand mixer using the whip attachment, combine cream, vanilla and powdered sugar and whip at medium speed until soft peaks form.  Gently fold in the pudding mixture to the whipped cream until it is fully incorporated and smooth.  Place filling into a pastry bag fitted with a #21 (or standard star) tip.


When the cupcakes have cooled, place the tip of the pastry bag inside each cupcake and pipe in filling, being careful not to overfill.


When all the cupcakes have been filled, prepare your ganache.  Dip the tops of the cupcakes in the ganache.  Place glazed cupcakes on a cooling rack to dry.


Drain and pat dry maraschino cherries.  While the cupcakes are slightly “wet” from the glaze, place a cherry on top for garnish.

Source: adapted from Joelen’s Culinary Adventures

18 Responses

  1. They look fabulous! I’m glad that you went with the boxed cake mix out of convenience… it definitely made it easier for me too (but then again I had to make 4 dozen of these cupcakes for my cupcake swap – lol)

  2. Holy cow those look sinfully delicious. I so want one now! Fabulous job!

  3. Don’t these look interesting. You know I’m going to try these – but I better figure out who they’re going to first otherwise I’ll start looking like the broad side of a barn.

  4. Those look superb! They have got something wonderfully old-fashioned looking about them.

  5. So cute! They came out fabulously! I LOVE how they look!

  6. These look so good. I just made the strawberry cupcakes and took them to people who were exhausted from ending the school year. They were a huge hit. I gave some to my sister (she teaches first grade at Fairview) and she hid them from her husband!

    These are next on my list.

    Thanks, Annie.

  7. These look great! I will have to try sometime!

  8. Those are just perfect!

  9. These look awesome! So cute. I need to make some cupcakes soon.

  10. i have never had a boston cream pie either, but these cuppies are adorable!

  11. […] Source: adapted from Annie’s Eats […]

  12. Hi Annie,

    Bare with me b/c I intend to make several of your recipes for the holidays!
    You mentioned that you refrigerated the cupcakes, so can I make these the day before I will serve them and keep them refrigerated?


    P.S. I used to love entenmann’s BCP!

    • Hi Lorie,
      Yes, these will keep well in the refrigerator, as do most cupcakes. As for the brand of pudding, it has been quite a while since I made these so I have no idea what brand I bought. I’m guessing regular vanilla would be fine too.
      🙂 Annie

  13. One last question, I can never find french vanilla instant pudding! What brand did you buy?


  14. Thanks for your help.

  15. I made these for our Thanksgiving get together this year. They were such a hit! I didn’t even get to eat one! LOL! This was the ONLY dessert where none was left over. Thank you for posting this fantastic recipe! I will certainly be making these again!

  16. hi annie! can you please let me know what brand of boxed cake mix you recommend for this recipe? thank you

    • Jolie,
      I pretty much never used boxed mixes these days, so I don’t have a brand I use in particular. I’m sure any of them would be fine.

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