After Nine Months of Baking…

our little man has finally arrived!  Our son Andrew David was born on June 18 at 8:05 am.  The labor and delivery went very well and we are both happy and healthy.  We’ve been home for two days now and are adjusting to life with a newborn.  Everything is so wonderful, it’s difficult to articulate – it’s just amazing!  I must admit that I wasn’t even home 24 hours before I was back in the kitchen baking cookies.  What can I say, it’s an addiction!  I’ll be catching up on blog updates in the next couple of days as I had a few pre-baby updates ready to share.  I don’t think my blog will be too very neglected in the coming month.  Thanks to a lot of wonderful friends and family, and the fact that I froze a lot of meals as well, our dinners are covered for quite some time leaving me plenty of time for frivolous baking!  Here are some pictures of my beautiful little guy for your enjoyment 😛

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  1. Aww what a beautiful family you are! You both look so proud of your little guy. Congrats again!

  2. Congratulations! He’s beautiful!!

  3. Annie, he’s just gorgeous! I can’t wait to see more pictures in the days to come! Congratulations again 🙂

  4. OMG! Congrats! He’s so perfect! 🙂

  5. Congratulations!!! You look so happy to be a mom!

  6. Congratulations on your newest member!! Boys are just lovely. I have two of them. Youngest one is almost 10 weeks, so I’m am right in the thick of it once again!!

    Love your recipes!

  7. CONGRATS!!! he is adorable. both you and ben are absolutely glowing 🙂

    i can’t believe that you were already back in the kitchen baking so soon after the delivery 😛

  8. Congrats on your new baby! He looks so cute and you both look really happy. I hope you enjoy every minute with him. It’s great that you get to still bake too 🙂

  9. Congratulations Annie. You look gorgeous and Andrew is super adorable.

  10. hey it’s denisa from the indiana board — congrats on your best “dish” yet! he’s adorable!

  11. congrats!!! he’s precious!

  12. He is gorgeous! Congratulations 🙂

  13. Congratulations Annie! He is beautiful! Being a Mom is amazing, enjoy every moment with your son!

  14. congrats again to you and Ben! Andrew is just adorable!!

  15. Congratulations!!! You baked up such a beautiful baby! 😉

  16. congrats! i cant believe how quickly time has passed!

  17. Congratulations! He’s beautiful and you all look so happy! 🙂

  18. Congratulations! He’s gorgeous!

  19. Congrats Annie and Ben!! Andrew is adorable and you two both look great! I can’t believe you’re already back to baking 🙂

  20. How wonderful! I’m glad you’re all well and happy!

  21. Congrats! So happy for you!!

  22. Congratulations! He’s beautiful. And I love his name! (MY Andrew was born on May 10!)

  23. I am usually a lurker but wanted to say Congratulations!!

    I was on hospital bedrest for 7 weeks with twins, and mine came at 34 weeks on June 13th. (One is still in NICU unfortunately but doing great right now.) I enjoyed your blog while in the hospital!

    God bless your little one! Sounds like you are doing awesome! Way to go!


  24. Congratulations, Annie & Ben! Andrew is absolutely beautiful and you guys make one great looking, happy family. 🙂

  25. coming out of lurking to say he is super cute and thanks for the pictures!

  26. Congratulations Annie! Andrew is adorable! I’m glad to hear everyone is doing well and you’re already back in the kitchen!

  27. Hey!!!! How come when I bake for 8 months, my finished product doesn’t look nearly as good. What a little bundle of joy and boy does he look like his daddy.

  28. Congratulations on your little bundle of joy! Wishing you all a lifetime of happiness.

  29. Congratulations, little mama! The Biology office is sooo proud of you and Ben! Best wishes!

  30. Annie, I’m so very happy for you and Ben. Anna shared this with me and you couldn’t look so beautiful with Andrew and Ben is just beaming. I hope we get to see Andrew someday soon. When you get a chance, please email me your address. My best to all of you.

  31. Congratulations Annie! I am so happy for you three. And I’m also relieved to hear that one of my favorite blogs won’t be neglected because of baby. 🙂

  32. i was turned onto your food blog by my best friend jessica toddy, and now visit it frequently. you obviously don’t know me but i wanted to tell you congratulations from one new mom to next–enjoy these first few weeks…he will change tremendoulsy right before your eyes, it’s truly amazing. congrats and please keep baking!!!:)

  33. What a beautiful baby. Congratulations, and sit down — you’ll have plenty of time later to bake cookies! Enjoy your first — he’s the only one who will get your undivided attention for a while!

    Your Salmon Pasta sounds good — do you think it would work with canned salmon?

  34. Thanks everyone!

    Barbara, I have no idea if the pasta would work with canned salmon as I have never had it. It would be worth a shot!

  35. Congratulations Annie! You guys make a beautiful family 🙂

  36. Congratulations!

  37. Awwwwwww, sorry to be posting this so late- but CONGRATULATIONS!! He is beautiful! :O)

  38. Hi!
    Even though I’m more than 2 years late in sending along these wishes, but I still want to congratulate you, and more so for celebrating over two years with this lovely darling!
    He’s a beautiful boy, and seems to have inherited your love of food!
    Congratulations once again to both of you, you make a WONDERFUL family!

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