Adventures in Homemade Baby Food – Avocado


This certainly doesn’t qualify as a recipe, but I still feel the need to share it with my readers.  Originally I had not planned on posting about it, but in multiple conversations with friends and family when I mention that I have been feeding Andrew avocado, people say, “What a great idea!  I never would have thought to feed that to a baby.”  So just in case you might not have thought of it yourself, here you go.  This is by far the simplest of the baby foods I have prepared so far.  I simply halve and pit an avocado, scoop the flesh out of one half into a bowl, mash it up with a spoon or fork, and thin it slightly with a bit of water to achieve a consistency similar to other baby foods.  I stick the other half in the refrigerator to feed Andrew the next day.  It’s that simple!

Because it is so quick and easy to prepare, I haven’t bothered freezing the mashed up avocado, although it is certainly possible.  Just know that if you do it will become quite discolored, but that doesn’t make it less nutritious.  Avocado is a great source of “healthy” or unsaturated fats and are also high in fiber.  It’s a great option for another fruit to feed your baby, and as you can see, it has been a HUGE hit with Andrew 🙂

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15 Responses

  1. I tried to give my little one avacado when he was just trying food and no luck. Wouldn’t have anything to do with it. I was so disappointed. Instead he loves peas and I can’t stand the taste, the smell, the consistancy. Ick!

  2. I add banana to my avocado and freeze them in ice cube trays. He’s had banana before, so it’s helped ease him into the taste of avocado,

    I added one banana to four avocados. 🙂

    (I used a mini-cuisinart to blend the two together before freezing. Then, once I defrost the cubes, I add enough water to reach the right texture needed.)

  3. I never would have thought of this one either 🙂
    He really seems to love it.

  4. That’s awesome you’re feeding Andrew some non traditional baby foods like avocado! Avocado is pretty traditional in Philippines and my mom fed me and my siblings mashed avocado as some of our early baby foods with a little milk to thin it down.

  5. What a great idea! And man, is he ever an adorable little guy!!!

  6. My babies have always loved avocado, plus it is really easy to ask for at a restaurant when there is nothing else suitable.

  7. Avocado was my favorite food when I was a baby! Yummy!

  8. My daughter loved avacado too!

  9. Thanks for posting your babyfood recipes! I enjoy them and can’t wait to start feeding our little one solids!

  10. we’re a few months away from food, but avocado is at the top of my list. i hope my baby girl likes it as much as your little guy!

  11. Avocado was the first solid (after cereal) that we fed my son. He loved it then and still does. As someone else mentioned, it is so easy to ask for it at restaurants, too. A bonus if you’re ever out! Such a cute little guy!

  12. Avocado freezes and defrosts green.

    A friend of mine used put an avocado half in a breast milk freezer bag and mash it up in that. They she would freeze it and when she was going out, she would bring a bag of frozen avocado. It was defrosted by the time she got to where she was going and still green. Brilliant.

  13. I can’t wait to try homemade baby food with our baby.

  14. I realized avocados were made by God for exactly this purpose with my first one some years ago. I just mashed them with a fork. Done.

  15. My little one loves avacado too! Her favorite “dish” is something we call “blu-nana-cado” (blueberries, banana, and avacado). It is her absolute favorite. My heart smiles every time I see her take a bite of it–so many good things in avacados and blueberries!

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