See’s Candies – A Review

Not long ago, a representative from See’s Candies contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing one of their products.  Free chocolates?!  Obviously, my answer was yes!  They shipped me an assorted box of chocolates and Ben and I wasted no time digging in.  Right off the bat I was slightly disappointed because the box did not come with a key – you know, the little guide that tells you the flavor of each candy.  I need that key when dealing with a box of chocolates – so that kind of bummed me out, but I forged ahead.  I did my best discerning the various flavors and took notes of our favorites.  Now, looking at their website I have been able to figure out which types we liked best so I will highlight those here.

Overall we really enjoyed these chocolates.  Of course, like any assorted box of candies I had favorites and some I did not like so much.  But there were a lot of really, really good ones.  I had four favorites in particular: the mocha (coffee milk chocolate buttercream), the maple walnut (maple buttercream with English walnuts), the walnut square (caramel with English walnuts and a chocolate bottom), and the P-Nut crunch (chocolate with a crunchy peanut butter center).  Ben’s favorites were the Scotchmallow (honey marshmallow and caramel) and the rum nougat (English walnuts, rum, cherries, raisin nougat).  While perusing the website to identify my favorites, I saw several other flavors that I am very anxious to try – raspberry cream, kona mocha, and the apple pie truffle to name a few.

In my opinion the very best thing about See’s and their website in particular is that you can order custom assortments to include your favorite candies.  This flexibility allows you to create your own “ideal box of chocolates” because you choose what is included, and just as importantly, what is left out (like mint for me – ick!)  This would also be great for avoiding food allergies, nuts in particular.  Most standard boxes of chocolate include multiple candies with nuts, but See’s allows you to create a custom assortment that is allergy-safe!  These would make lovely gifts for just about anyone, and I will certainly be ordering my own custom assortments for friends full of flavors I know they will enjoy.  Of course they have a huge selection of pre-packaged gift ideas as well so if you do not want to spend the time choosing a custom assortment, they have you covered.  They have gifts in a wide variety of price ranges to accomodate any need, large or small.  Try some of these chocolates for yourself, and you won’t be disappointed.

8 Responses

  1. I love See’s Candies, but haven’t ever seen them outside of California. One of my favorites is their toffee (the only one I can always identify in their box o’ surprises). I wish they had a key with every pre-packaged box too. I really love their suckers–caramel is my favorite, but my husband likes their coffee sucker…

  2. I LOVE See’s Candies. My favorites are the Key Lime Truffle, the Apple Pie Truffle, Milk Bordeaux, and Butterscotch Squares! YUM! Sadly there is not a See’s Candy Shop in Indiana. The See’s Candies shops are a step back in time with the black and white classic theme. Looking at all of the chocolate in the cases is just mind blowing. We order a box of See’s every Christmas.

  3. Kona Mocha is my favorite! A really great intense coffee/chocolate center with the toasted coconut on top. Definitely worth a try!

  4. It’s good to know that you can personalize a box of chocolates. As a person with a nut allergy, a box of chocolates (especially ones without a key!) are an accident waiting to happen! 🙂 The honey marshmallow and caramel sounds awesome!

  5. I love See’s chocolates! Pretty much every time we go to the mall (which really isn’t that often) we have to stop by and pick some up. As an added bonus, they always give you one to sample, too. Their best kinds are their raspberry cream and lemon truffle, but the apple pie truffle, blueberry cream, and scotchmallow are great too! Glad you enjoyed them!

  6. Hi, Annie! I was over at For the Love of Cooking and she had an issue with her posts being lifted. She outed the blogs that were doing it. In scrooling through them I noticed that they have lifted (maybe you are allowing them, I don’t know) several of your posts. You may already know or are allowing them to but wanted to make certain you were aware of it in case they did not have your permission.

    Love YOUR blog!

  7. as a teen, my parents travelled alot. their favorite resort would treat them with boxes upon boxes of See’s Chocolates. It was always my souvenier (cheapskates – ha!). I remember many a night coming home late from parties, spotting the box on the dining room table and attacking it in the dark under my covers.

  8. See’s is my favorite. I was raised on it. My ultimate favorite is the Bordeaux, Cashew Crunch, Scotch Kisses and Butterscotch Square. Their Molasses Chips and Easter Eggs (during that season) are also worth trying. I love all their truffles too. When you visit the store you can get a free sample…they will subsititue whatever they’re offering for one of your choice if you ask. I love going there to pick up all my sweet treats. I even pop in once a month and get a small bag of their bridge mix instead of a formal lunch…

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