Honey Yogurt Dip

Yogurt and fruit are two of my most favorite snack foods.  I eat them every single day and never get sick of them.  I rarely combine the two though, unless it is in the form of an occasional smoothie.  Last week I decided to try this honey yogurt dip to pair with fresh fruit.  This is barely a recipe, as it is only three ingredients, but somehow I managed to mess it up.  The original recipe calls for 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon.  I really like cinnamon so I just added 1/2 teaspoon right off the bat.  Big mistake.  The whole thing tasted so cinnamon-y, I could barely stand it.  Thankfully I was able to fix it by simply adding more yogurt and honey until the cinnamon flavor had mellowed, but let this be a warning to you – err on the side of caution.  You can always add more cinnamon but it’s not so easy to take it away!  Next time I will add just a tiny bit, because I think the honey yogurt flavor is fantastic and I really want the honey to be the star of the show.  I have never used Greek yogurt before this, but I am now a big fan of it.  It is deliciously thick and creamy.  I will make this again soon, correctly next time, for a wonderful healthy snack!  I also think it would be a welcome addition to any brunch or light lunch menu.

Honey Yogurt Dip
1 (7 oz.) container 2% Greek yogurt
1/4 cup honey (Use local!  You’ll taste the difference.)
Ground cinnamon, to taste

Combine the yogurt and honey in a small bowl.  Mix thoroughly until smooth and well combined.  Add a very small amount of cinnamon, taste, and adjust accordingly.  Cover and refrigerate.  Serve with fresh fruit. 

Source: adapted from The Way the Cookie Crumbles

13 Responses

  1. I guess the little dots in your yogurt mix is the cinnamon? It looks refreshing and yummy! I love honey so I can’t imagine not loving this. I haven’t tried greek yogurt yet, but have heard only great things about it.

  2. That looks like a great recipe and I’m sure that it would convince some kids (and grown ups) that eating fruit isn’t boring. Not that I need convincing, but I think I’ll give the dip a try anyways.

  3. Oops, I guess I should change the amount of cinnamon in the recipe on my blog. Thanks for the heads up! Glad this ended up working out for you eventually.

  4. Actually my favorite Greek yogurt is Oikos’ Honey one! It’s really good (but their blueberry & vanilla are a close second). This dip looks great!

  5. I was just thinking about honey and yogurt earlier this week after a great smoothy with both of those ingredients and some fruit. I love the idea of adding some cinnamon…I’ll have to try this!

  6. I love greek yogurt when used in sweet recipes!

  7. Normally I eat fruit plain but this sounds good enough to tempt me to start dipping them.

  8. Mmm, this will be a nice change for my greek yogurt. I’ve just been topping mine with fresh mixed berries.

  9. I like a nice bowl of plain yogurt with a spoonful of honey on it as part of my breakfast. Turning it into a dip for fruit is a nice idea!

  10. I’ve been eating Greek yogurt for a couple of years and love it. It’s so versatile, working in both sweet and savory dishes. Your honey cinnamon dip looks delicious.

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  12. I made this on a whim before work one morning and I loved it! I only bought one container of Greek yogurt and I am running out to buy more and make more of this delicious dip. I added some fresh blueberries and it was a great breakfast!

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