Honey Chipotle Glazed Chicken

Do you have a hard time finding certain less common items at your grocery store?  This is something that has always plagued me.  It used to be because I shopped at a store that didn’t carry any ingredient that was even slightly unique.  However, I now shop at a very well stocked store where I can find almost everything – so when I can’t find something, it’s usually just because I don’t know where to look (and the employees are rarely able to help because they have never heard of the item I want.)  So, chipotle peppers in adobo sauce is one of these items.  I have looked for them approximately eleven bajillion times and could never find them.  But, I have seen them in so many recipes that I know they must be common and I knew my store would have them.  So, I Googled them to find exactly what the can looked like, and – success!!  (And for the record, they were where I swear I have looked every time.  I think I have a selective blindness or something.)

Anyway, let’s talk about this wonderful chicken!  I was anxious to try this because it sounded delicious – the combination of sweet honey and spicy chipotle glaze was very enticing.  I had high hopes, but after mixing up the glaze I was unsure.  The glaze smelled awful to me and I was sure I was not going to like this at all.  However, it ended up having a fantastic flavor and the meat was very moist.  The sweetness of the honey is perfect, and then it is followed by the spiciness from the peppers.  The balance was just right and we loved this meal.  The only thing I will change next time is to reduce the amount of glaze by at least half, because I had ton more than I needed.   I have reflected this in the version below.  Enjoy!

Honey Chipotle Glazed Chicken
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¼ cup honey
1 tbsp. pureed canned chipotles in adobo sauce
1 tsp. Dijon mustard
1 tbsp. ancho chili powder
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
1 tbsp. canola oil
½ tsp. ground coriander
½ tsp. ground cumin
½ tsp. Spanish paprika
2-4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, butterflied into halves
Sesame seeds, chopped fresh cilantro and minced chives, for garnish (optional)

Heat the grill or a grill pan to high.  In a small bowl, whisk together the honey, chipotle puree, mustard, 1½ teaspoons ancho chile powder, ½ teaspoon salt, and 1½ teaspoons oil.  Set aside.

Stir together the remaining ancho powder with the coriander, cumin and paprika in another medium bowl.  Add the chicken breasts the remaining oil, and toss to coat.  Season with salt and pepper.

Place the chicken on the heated grill and cook for 3-4 minutes.  Flip the chicken and brush the cooked side of the chicken pieces with the honey-chipotle glaze.  Cook for an additional 3-4 minutes; flip the chicken again and brush the second side with the glaze.  Cook for 1 minute, flip again and cook for 1 minute more.  Remove from the grill and brush with more sauce as desired.  Garnish with sesame seeds, cilantro and chives as desired; serve.

Source: adapted from Smells Like Home, originally from Grill It! by Bobby Flay

25 Responses

  1. I have that same problem in my regular grocery store! I go out of my way to shop for certain ingredients elsewhere, but always hunt for them there first! The chicken looks wonderful! I love the combination of sweet and spicy, too!

  2. This looks awesome! My son would love it; he loves chipotle! I will have to try it.

  3. I just discovered Chipotles in adobo sauce. Where have they been all my life?! I will be trying this soon. Thanks for sharing! Photo looks great!

  4. Yum this chicken looks great! For the record I wanted the same peppers for months for a flank steak recipe I found and I must have looked over them everytime I was at the store! Until one day there they were sitting right on the shelf I looked at everytime!

  5. I love chipotle. It’s great because you can freeze the leftovers from the can, and add a little bit to so many things! These look fabulous – will definitely be trying them.

  6. Chipotle in adobo is the EXACT ingredient that has plagued me in the same way. I looked for them on multiple occasions in various stores, and it took me ages to finally find them. Eventually, they were exactly where I thought they should be, so maybe the store was out or didn’t carry them for a time. That’s what I tell myself…

  7. I have that same issue with finding stuff at certain groceries & the employees not knowing what I was looking for. I was at one of the more upscale Kroger grocery stores in my town, and spent 15 minutes seaching for quinoa. Multiple associates had no clue what quinoa even was. Grrrrr….

  8. This looks really flavorful and super delicious!

  9. my kind of flavors in this one. Lovin’ how it looks perfectly seared.

  10. Annie!!! I just found your site and I LOVE IT!!! I will probably become your most frequent visitor! Really. I just wrote a whole post on my blog… which I NEVER do referring to someone else blog, about your site because I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I will for sure be making this chicken this week! Thanks for the spice, variety, and excitement you bring to cooking!

  11. I have the same exact problem with my little grocery store. I have seen chipotle peppers in adobo sauce in several recipes as well and have not been able to find them. I will have to make a trip to a bigger store to get them. I really want to make this recipe. Thanks!!

  12. for those of us who still haven’t found chipotles in adobo it would’ve helped if you could have mentioned where you eventually found them. Chances are they would be in the same location at most grocery stores.

  13. This looks absolutely mouth watering!

  14. When I have extra chipotles in adobo I freeze them in a small plastic container. Next time a need a tablespoon or two, I slip them out of the container just slice off a the amount I need and return the rest to the freezer.

  15. I made this tonight and it was amazing! Thanks for sharing this recipe. I think it’d be ok to double the glaze if you wanted to have extra to dip in/spread over the top of the finished chicken.

  16. It can be hard to come up with new ways to cook chicken breast. This looks very interesting and so yummy! I’m looking forward to trying it!

  17. Luckily, I have grown up in AZ so chipotles have been in my diet for quite some time but I am always looking for new ways to use them. My bf and I love spicy things so I was so excited when I saw this recipe and the beans. I seem to always be able to find things here that are perfect for us. Thanks so much!

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  19. Made this for dinner tonight. The peanut gallery (aka the husband) thought it was great. I think I will try using the sauce on some buffalo wings.

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  22. […] Risotto from An Empty Stomach is the Best Cook, Ina’s Greek Panzanella from Anne Strawberry, Honey Chipotle Glazed Chicken and Summer Peach Carpaccio from Artichoke Heart, Hungarian Egg Noodle, Sauerkraut and Gypsy Bacon […]

  23. I have been wanting to try this recipe for a long time! I finally tried it tonight and sad to say it did not turn out how I hoped. The chicken breasts were normal sized and I did not find the 3-4 minutes per side an appropriate cook time before adding the glaze. As soon as I added the glaze things smoked up and burned on the outside while the chicken cooked all the way through. It was either uncooked chicken with a pretty glaze or cooked chicken with a burnt glaze. I think next time I will try to either get smaller pieces of chicken or cook for longer on each side before adding the glaze. It would have been perfect if the glaze had not been charred!

    • Margaret,
      That is why I indicated to use chicken breast halves rather than full breasts. They cook much more evenly and get the right char effect on the glaze without being overdone or undercooked inside.

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