Home, Sweet Home Cookies

There has been an exciting development here at Annie’s Eats – we have moved into a new house, and my kitchen has just undergone a serious upgrade!  I could not be more thrilled with our new home.  I love the whole thing and even though we are still getting settled, I have already been cooking and baking up a storm in my amazing kitchen.  It would be very difficult for me to list all the things I love so much about it, but a very brief list would include:

A humongous island with plenty of room for practically any project I decide to tackle
Plenty of counter space
Cabinets that actually fit all of my stuff!  And, the shelves all roll out for easy access
A walk-in pantry nearly five times the size of my old (teeny) one, with tons of shelves
Water softening system – my dishes actually look clean again!

I finally feel like I have the kind of kitchen that matches my passion for cooking and baking!  Though it has been fully operational since move-in day (you know my priorities), it will still be a little longer before I share a photo tour of the kitchen.  I have a few minor decorating things I would like to finish before I deem it complete.   I made these cookies as a thank you for our wonderful realtor after we closed.  You know, I look for any excuse to decorate with royal icing 🙂  She loved them and said she will order some next time she has a work-related function – hooray!

Our new home – we love it!

49 Responses

  1. It looks beautiful Annie! Congratulations! And I’m glad that you have the kitchen you want–I’m sure that was at the top of your new home wish list (and I think it’s a great priority!).

  2. Congrats! I can’t wait to see pictures. Love the cookies! 🙂

  3. FABULOUS new digs!!

  4. annie, it is beautiful!! best wishes!!!

  5. Congrats on your new home! It is beautiful!!!

  6. Annie, the house is gorgeous! Love the colonial-style. Happy cooking.

  7. Congratulations!!! Your home is beautiful, and I can’t wait for the kitchen photo tour!!! We are planning to buy our first home next year and I can’t wait – the kitchen in our apartment is my biggest complaint. Awesome cookies too!

  8. Congrats! I can’t wait to see the photo tour! The cookies are too cute!

  9. Very pretty home, congrats! Can’t wait to see pics of the kitchen!

  10. So beautiful…I’d say congratulations if I wasn’t bursting with envy and rage at my dinky 1970s apartment kitchenette with enough counter space to accommodate a /single/ appliance at a time. I’m going to go study so I can enter a profession that makes lots and lots of money so I can one day purchase the house next door to that one.

  11. Gorgeous house! And the cookies are just too cute!

  12. These cookies are so cute! Congrats on the new house, it’s beautiful! Can’t wait to see the kitchen.

  13. Your new home is gorgeous!! I love it! And those cookies are super cute. I will have to make these for our realtor once our house sells! (Fingers crossed on that one:) haha)

  14. How exciting! congratulations! And man, those cookies are amazing.

  15. Great looking new home! Love the cookies too, neat idea:)

  16. WOW. What a gorgeous house! I think you should take pictures of the inside of the house. I’m sure it looks spectacular in the inside just as much of the outside. 😀

  17. Fantastic news Annie!!! Congrats. Can’t believe you do it all…..blog, mothering, work, and MOVE???

  18. wow, stunning home, it looks like a mansion. Enjoy! be blessed!

  19. Oh wow! Its beautiful!! Congrats on your wonderful kitchen…must be nice to have a walk in pantry…*sigh*

  20. Congrats! No wonder you love it so much, it looks very easy to love 🙂 I’m looking forward to the day when I can say similar things about my kitchen.

  21. Your kitchen sounds wonderful! Can’t wait to see the photos of it.

    Congrats on your new home!

  22. Adorable cookies! Congrats on the house and more specifically, the kitchen! My husband and I love our current home other than the kitchen. I’ve started looking but nothing lives up to my expectations. I mean I do spend a considerable part of my waking hours in that room so I should enjoy my space, right?! I’m anxious to see pictures of yours.

  23. What a beautiful new home. Congratulations!

  24. Beautiful home! The cookies are adorable! I look forward to your posts every day. I don’t know how you find time to do everything you do. Amazing!

  25. Beautiful Home! Congrats!! Can’t wait for the kitchen Pictures!

  26. Congratulations! It’s beautiful! The cookies are precious! And a dreamy kitchen!! :)) YUM to all of it! Enjoy & Great Blessings to your family! Looks for plenty of room for a growing family one day as well 😉

  27. Congrats on your beautiful new house!

  28. I love your new home!

  29. Oh, Annie! These are seriously adorable! 🙂 Congrats on the new house!

    • Thanks, Bridget! They were actually inspired by your house cookies from your blog 🙂 Mine aren’t quite as cute, but I still like them anyway.
      🙂 Annie

  30. Fabulous home! 🙂 Congrats!

  31. There is nothing better than moving into your dream home (and a dream kitchen / pantry doesn’t hurt)! Congratulations to you and your family and happy cooking!!!

  32. Congrats on your gorgeous new house and kitchen!! Very cute cookies too, as usual 🙂

  33. So cute..and your home is very pretty too..I am a realtor and have made similar ones for clients..not as nice as yours:)

  34. OMG; your new home is amazing. can’t wait to see what you’ll be cookin’ up this holiday season!

  35. The house looks awesome! I am very jealous. We need to move to a lower cost of living area. You just can’t get anything here in Los Angeles without selling a kidney (or being in “the business”). Those of us in healthcare are pretty screwed. The cookies are gorgeous! I really want to start branching out and doing more decorating, but I really don’t know if I can do it!

  36. That house is HUGE!

    – Annie H

  37. I’m so jealous of your new home! It’s awesome 🙂

  38. The house is gorgeous, Annie! Hard to imagine that little Andrew will soon be playing basketball in your driveway! I can’t wait to see the new kitchen 🙂

  39. love the cookies! Plz let us know how you made them … please! and recipes?

    • Hi Jan,
      I made my usual sugar cookies and royal icing to decorate. I have many posts on my blog about this, and they are all linked in this post. Hope that helps!
      🙂 Annie

  40. Enjoy the new house! I certainly hope that my next apartment has a kitchen even 2% as great as yours. Currently, we have zero cabinetry, one shelf below the kitchen sink. That’s it. Happily, we have pots n’ pans storage in an extra “laundry” sink. hehe.

  41. your house is beautiful!! lucky you!! can’t wait to see pictures! have fun in your new house and new kitchen! 🙂

  42. Congratulations. All the best for you in your new lovely home. The cookies are amazing!

  43. Congratulations Annie!!! Your new kitchen sounds like a dream!

  44. Wow – that house is humungous! Congrats!

  45. That is so exciting! We are waiting for our house to be built and I CANT WAIT! Im going from 5 years of apartment and nasty rental kitchens and this kitchen is exactly what I want! Well…it doesn’t have an island but im ok with that because I have 26 cabinets with a pretty small pantry. So that’s lots of counter space and cabinet space! There is room to add an island which I might do later! I also have a water softener system and a super fancy dishwasher and my new Samsung 29 cu ft fridge! I will also have canned lighting!! I won’t get to move in until after Christmas which makes me really sad but next year I won’t leave that kitchen! Sorry to keep going on and on and on but it’s rare you come across someone who appreciates a good kitchen!

    p.s. i just came across your site because my google reader recommended it to me and i have to say i am very impressed! i have already printed several of your recipes. thanks for the awesome blog!

  46. These are so cute! Thank you so much for sharing!

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