Compound Herb Butter

Since posting pics from our Thanksgiving spread, I’ve had requests for nearly every recipe from the menu.  While I won’t be able to share them all now because I just have way too many things waiting to be posted, this herb butter was requested by many and to be perfectly honest, I think it was my favorite thing I ate that day – and the next day, and the next day…

We don’t go out to eat often but when we do, it’s usually to a pretty nice restaurant, and one of my favorite parts of the meal is also one of the simplest – the butter they serve alongside bread.  It may not seem like a big deal to some people, but really good butter can be just heavenly to me.  Up until now I had tried a couple times to replicate this flavor at home with minimal success, but this time around I think it was spot on.  I quickly wrote down what I had done since I had just thrown together ingredients I had on hand.  And so I give you my favorite herb butter!  I am sure the herbs could be changed out with other combinations and such, but I actually think the combination of herbs I used this time around was what really made this great for me so I highly recommend them if possible.  I think chives could be a great addition to the flavor, and will definitely try that sometime.

And for those of you who asked for the honey butter recipe – I didn’t measure anything when I made that, so I can’t help.  I just mixed in honey and a touch of salt until it had a nice consistency and the honey flavor came through.  That’s it!

Compound Herb Butter
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8 tbsp. unsalted butter, at room temperature
1-2 cloves garlic, very finely minced
1 tbsp. fresh basil, finely minced
1 tsp. fresh dill, finely minced
1 tsp. fresh thyme, finely minced
½-¾ tsp. kosher salt
Freshly ground black pepper

Combine all ingredients in a small bowl.  Mix well with a spoon until combined and all ingredients are evenly incorporated.  To serve, pipe butter into small serving dishes with a decorative pastry tip.  Alternatively, place the butter mixture onto plastic wrap, form into a log, wrap tightly and refrigerate until ready to serve.  Allow to come to room temperature before serving so it is spreadable.

Source: Annie’s Eats original

19 Responses

  1. Thanks! Planned on making these butters with other recipes so I’m glad you shared your tried & true version! Love it with the fun tips. I planned on serving mine in mini Le Creuset pots but I think I like yours better!

  2. I saw these on your family blog, and they looked so beautiful. Love the little dishes too!

  3. Look out Paula Deen…who knew butter could look so incredible!!! ;o) YUM! Beautiful display and I bet that butter is heavenly!

  4. Oooh I just love a compound butter!! Your’s not only sounds wonderful but looks so elegant!

  5. Yay! Thanks for posting this! Did you try this butter on the honey yeast rolls or just the herb rolls? I am trying to decide what kind of butter to serve with the honey yeast rolls next week…I’m wondering how the herby flavor would taste with the honey.

    • Meghan, I only tried it on the honey yeast rolls, and it was fab. I ate both together until they were gone 🙂

  6. I love that you added fresh dill to your herb mix. I feel like it gets forgotten when it instead adds a subtle, fresh note to anything it appears in. Beautiful with the other ingredients as well.

  7. hi Annie…..the butter looks beautiful…never thought of piping it! which tip did u use?

  8. This looks SO good! Will definitely be making this for Christmas dinner.

  9. Delicious! I love herb butter but it’s one of those things I never make at home. Now with recipe in hand I can:)

  10. That looks so pretty, I can see why everyone was so taken with it!

  11. This is such a pretty presentation! I love herb butter.

  12. Made it, piped it. It was divine! Left out the thyme b/c we didn’t have any. Everyone at my cookie exchange dinner party loved it! Will make it for sure for Christmas!

  13. Annie,

    Is there a brand of butter, conventional or local organic, that you prefer to use above others? I live in Bloomington and a drive to Indy wouldn’t be a problem. Thanks in advance!

  14. How long does this keep in the fridge? I know butter obviously keeps for a while, but with the addition of the herbs I was curious…

  15. Hi Annie! We just made this ahead for our Thanksgiving dinner and it tastes amazing! We added a couple extra tablespoons of butter becuase we found the recipe to be a little bit too salty for our taste, but still amazing! We’re going to make your honey yeast rolls to go alongside. Thanks for another fantastic recipe

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