Best of 2009 – Part 3

I give you the last installment of The Best of 2009.  Enjoy, and Happy New Year!

Chewy, Fudgy Triple Chocolate Brownies – I thought I had already found my favorite brownie recipe, and then this one went and blew me away!  With a name like that I suppose it’s not a surprise, but they certainly do live up to their name.  These really are my ideal brownie.

S’mores Cake – This ooey gooey cake is just such fun!  With graham cracker cake, marshmallow filling and a chocolate glaze, it’s a wonderful play on the classic campfire concoction.

Tropical Granola – Homemade granola is a wonderful snack food to have around at home or work.  I’ve made a few different kinds of granola now, and I actually think this kind the best so far!  You can play around with whatever ingredients meet your fancy, but I found dried and pureed pineapple, dried and mashed banana, coconut and macadamia nuts to give this just the tropical flavor I was going for.

Banana Caramel Cupcakes – I made a LOT of cupcakes this year, but these were definitely one of my personal favorites.  The banana and caramel are a match made in heaven, and the Swiss meringue buttercream is amazingly smooth and rich.  The flavors are really nicely balanced and the result is fantastic.

Caramel Apple Cheesecake Pie – This is one of those treats that is sheer genius.  It combines several already wonderful desserts into one mega-dessert!  Part caramel apple, part apple pie and part cheesecake, this dessert is most definitely a crowd pleaser and just irresistible.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes
– Many people think that there is no combination more perfect together than chocolate and peanut butter.  I have to agree the pairing is perfect, and these cupcakes are heavenly.  The dense chocolate cake is great, and the light and creamy peanut butter frosting is truly amazing.

Chicken Pot Pie
– This is comfort food at it’s finest.  With a rich filling chock full of veggies and a creamy sauce, and topped with an amazingly tender and flaky crust, these babies are wonderful.  And, they taste just as good when baked from the freezer so make a full batch and then have a quick but tasty dinner at a moment’s notice.

Caramel Corn – This stuff is unbelievably addictive.  I can only make it when I can accept that I will likely eat all of it until it is gone.  Whether you decide to package it up and share with others, or simply inhale it all yourself, you need to make this.

Chicken Tortilla Casserole – This dinner has become a favorite in record time in our house.  We first tried it last month and have made it several times since.  It is easy, flavorful, quick enough for a weeknight and just delicious!  All three of us love it and I know it will be a menu staple for a long time to come.

Gingerbread Cookies – I never thought I liked gingerbread cookies, but this recipe has completely converted me.  These were easily my favorite holiday treat that I baked this year, and I was happy to have several left over for our own enjoyment.  I’m sure they will become a tradition from now on.

Thanks to all my wonderful readers for making 2009 such a wonderful year.  I look forward to a new year full of more fun in the kitchen and good recipes to share with you!

12 Responses

  1. It’s 3:15AM where I am now, and this post is definitely what I’m going to be dreaming about tonight. The S’more cake in particular…just wow. Wow, wow, wow. Keep ’em coming in 2010 (please!).

  2. I recently came across your blog and must say, now I am hooked! In the short time that I have been following, I am surprised to see that you did not feature your wonderful sugar cookies in these recaps! I LOVED seeing the posts of all the decorated sugar cookies in 2009 and your guide for royal icing is excellent. I made my 2nd attempt this year at royal icing for my Christmas cookies and thanks to your blog, it was a success! I look forward to reading in 2010. Happy New Year!

    • Hi Lindsey,
      So glad you you like the blog! I didn’t feature the sugar cookies since I didn’t actually post that recipe this year. All the decorated versions I posted this year were just to show more options for decorating, but not actual recipes and I wanted the “Best of” to focus on recipes.

  3. Tonight almost my entire menu is coming from your blog. All of my co-workers and friends are now avid readers as well. Wishing you and your family a Happy and Blessed New Years!

    • Neen,
      So glad you love the blog. I’m thrilled to have such a loyal reader as you! Hopefully next year is even better than this one with more great recipes. Happy New Year!

  4. Yum! I’ve added your Chicken Tortilla Casserole to my January menu. I can’t wait to try it! 🙂

  5. Ahhhh, I’m in love with that s’more pie

  6. The recap posts have been great! Yours is by far my favorite food blog, and I read many. I always look forward to your posts and can always count of you for great recipes. Hope you and your family have a wonderful new year, Annie!

  7. Such a tasty round up. I’m going to come back to these posts sometime soon, when I’m drawing a blank on what to make for dinner. Happy New Year!

  8. I’m sitting at Uni waiting on a frozen and am famished (cafeteria is closed d/t New Year’s Eve). Maybe I shouldn’t have mosied to your website while I wait, because now my mouth is watering!

    (P.S. I’m surprised your Chicken Parmesan Burgers didn’t make the list- they are my favorite, and leftovers are waiting for me at home whenever I get to leave tonight!)

  9. Wow all that food looks so good! Do you take orders? 😀

  10. Annie – I’ve loved seeing your favorite recipes of 2009! Everything you make always looks so wonderful, so it’s nice to see what really sticks out to you over the past year. Happy New Year!!!

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