Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream

I’ve never dedicated an entire post to a frosting all on its own before.  Usually the post is about a cake or cupcake primarily.  Let this be a sign to you.  You need to try this frosting.  Swiss meringue buttercream is a heavenly concoction that I only recently discovered (and now am kicking myself for not trying earlier).  It is rich, buttery (duh), and unbelievably silky smooth.  The caramel buttercream from the banana caramel cupcakes was certainly a fabulous introduction to this type of frosting, but I wanted to try a classic plain vanilla as well.

Put plainly, it is delicious.  It would be a lovely accompaniment to just about any cupcake you can think of, and can also serve as a great base recipe for other flavors of buttercream.  Simply lower the amount of vanilla extract and add in the other flavor you would like to incorporate (similar to the peppermint buttercream from these cupcakes).  I also think this would be beautiful with the seeds of a vanilla bean mixed in, and a little less vanilla extract.  Those black flecks against the beautiful white frosting would look just perfect!  If you are going for the double vanilla combo, I have three vanilla cupcake recipes that I love.  Vanilla bean cupcakes, Dorie’s perfect party cupcakes, and classic vanilla cupcakes.  And, just writing about this frosting has made me crave it so much that you’ll have to excuse me while I go make some more.

Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream
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5 large egg whites
1 cup plus 2 tbsp. sugar
Pinch of salt
1 lb. (4 sticks) unsalted butter, at room temperature
2 tsp. vanilla extract

To make the frosting, combine the egg whites, sugar and salt in a heatproof bowl set over a pot of simmering water.  Heat, whisking frequently, until the mixture reaches 160° F and the sugar has dissolved.

Transfer the mixture to the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment.  Beat on medium-high speed until stiff peaks form and the mixture has cooled to room temperature, about 8 minutes.

Reduce the speed to medium and add the butter, 2 tablespoons at a time, adding more once each addition has been incorporated.  If the frosting looks soupy or curdled, continue to beat on medium-high speed until thick and smooth again, about 3-5 minutes more (don’t worry, it will come together!)  Stir in the vanilla extract and mix just until incorporated.  Tint with gel icing color as desired.

Keep buttercream at room temperature if using the same day, or transfer to an airtight container and refrigerate up to 3 days or freeze up to 1 month. Before using, bring to room temperature and beat with paddle attachment on low speed until smooth again, about 5 minutes.

Yield: about 5 cups

Source: adapted from Martha Stewart

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  1. This is my all-time favorite frosting recipe too. I find ‘regular’ buttercream to be too sweet.

    • I just received Martha’s Stewart’s cupcake book in the mail and I am sooooo very excited to make this frosting over the weekend. So excited! 5 cups of frosting is alot but I will need the practice to get up to your level.

  2. Okay this is a perfect post for me today! I am making a birthday cake this weekend and am looking for a special frosting. Thank you!

  3. Does this frosting have to be refrigerated?

    • You can keep it at room temp if using it the same day, refrigerate it for 3 days, or freeze it for up to 1 month.

  4. I would kill for one of those right now…they are to cute!

  5. Those look heavenly! What a beautiful frosting job. What kind of tip did you use?

    • SugarCooking,
      I don’t know the exact number of the tip used or if it even has a number, but I almost always use a large star tip for frosting.

  6. That looks delectable! I’m always looking for a great homemade frosting to go with cakes and cupcakes!

  7. So can you decorate with this recipe? Or is it too thick/thin? Thanks!

    • Amy,
      I’m not sure I understand your question. You can see from the pictures that I used the frosting to decorate cupcakes.

  8. Love your website, Annie! Your recipes are delicious and your photos are crisp and inviting!
    I’m curious, what tip # do you like to use for frosting your cupcakes?
    I can hardly wait to give this recipe a try! Cheers!

  9. That is my absolute favorite frosting, haven’t come across a frosting better than this one. The possibilities are endless and it has the smooth texture a buttercream could never reach.

  10. Sounds heavenly. Can you give me an estimate of how many cupcakes can you frost with this recipe? Thanks!

    • Melissa,
      That all depends on what tip you use and how much frosting you like on your cupcakes. It makes about 5 cups, you can guesstimate based on that.

  11. I always crave cupcakes, both baking and eating them, after you post wonderful things like this! I want to make these right now. Too bad I’m snowed in…

    Just out of curiosity, in recipes that call for egg whites like this one, what do you do with the egg yolks? I don’t like wasting food, but I’m not sure what I would do with them!

    • Christina,
      Personally, I have no problem tossing the yolks. Eggs are cheap and I always have a lot of them in the fridge. But, if I was going to do something with them, I would make a French-style ice cream.

  12. A good frosting is very important to cake or cupcakes!

  13. I will absolutely be trying this buttercream!! I have never made Swiss Meringue Buttercream but I have always been curious about it. Your cupcakes are beautiful!!

  14. My question is: how well does this frosting keep? Can you keep it in the fridge or freezer for a while if you aren’t going to use all of it or have some left over?

    thanks! looks intriguing…

  15. I too love Swiss Buttercream over all other icings/frostings (except whipped ganache.)

    Mine always looks a little curdled after adding about 3/4 of the butter but keep in whipping and it will come out beautifully. Makes every penny I spent on my KitchenAid totally worth it.

  16. Thanks, Annie!
    I might have to try this soon!

  17. Hi Annie,
    Sorry I was so vague on the “decorating” question–I meant, can you make icing roses, shell borders, basketweave design, etc., beyond just a swirl on top of the cupcakes with this recipe? Thanks!

    • Hi Amy,
      Yes, it would be fine for that. It has a very nice consistency. I actually just used it to frost a two-tiered cake, and make little stars around the bottom edges of the cake.

  18. Just wanted to coment again to say that you’re so sweet to answer all these questions. Thanks for the great recipe!

  19. This buttercream looks beautiful. I’ve made a coffee swiss buttercream (recipe was from Tartelette) and fell in love with the texture and subtle flavors. I’m sure I would love this. I also like the suggestions you made about the vanilla bean. I’ll be using this recipe very soon. I don’t like wasting eggs either (even though eggs are cheap, they still cost money! haha). I use my egg yolks for ice cream as well.

    P.S. What tip did you use? LOL!! I’m just kidding. I saw two people ask that same question, and you had to give the same response to them. Too funny. Have a great weekend!

  20. Your cupcakes look amazing! I can’t wait to try the frosting soon! Although I’m a bit frightened that I may like it so much that it will never make it onto the cupcake! =) What size tip did you use to decorate?

  21. Your cupcakes are gorgeous! I will be trying the frosting, it sounds great!

  22. this is my favorite frosting recipe too – your cupcakes look adorable!!

  23. Is it a sturdy enough frosting for rose making and such? I’d love to try this icing, so I’m hoping it would work well for flowers too, since I have a birthday cake to make this weekend.
    I love your site. How do you find time to make all these lovely things, be a mom, and also a doctor? 🙂 And, how do you not weigh 500 lbs! Haha If I made all that yummy stuff, thats what I’d be.

    • Hi Renee,
      I have never made flowers out of any frosting (or this one) so I can’t attest to its ability or lack thereof to do that. Sorry!

  24. I have to echo what Maggi said — the first time I made Swiss buttercream, I thought I had failed! The mixture was so wet and curdled that I was ready to throw in the towel, but fortunately, I persevered and it did eventually come together. I’m glad you noted that it can take up to 5 minutes, to warn others who are trying this for the first time! The wait is worth it; this stuff is uh-MAY-zing.

  25. Thanks for the recipe and tips! My first attempt at this icing resulted in a slightly runny icing. I should’ve kept on beating it for another few minutes.

  26. I hate normal buttercream, can only eat this kind! And yes, I LOVE it! Thanks for the post to remind me to go make some!

  27. I completely hear you about meringue buttercream! I was so enamored by it the first time I made it I wanted to clean the bowl clean 😆

    Love how adorable and classic your cupcakes look, by the way!

  28. I saw these post on Friday and thought that this would be so wonderfule to make on Saturday for my birthday! They are so festive .. especially with the sprinkles, but it’s not too much. I have all the ingredients to make a key lime chiffon pie but that just isn’t birthday-like. Don’t worry … I’m still making the pie though. 😉

  29. Can’t wait to try these! I left my laptop open to your site and my 3 yr old saw the screen and started yelling “Mama, cupcakes! Pretty cupcakes, check it out!” so I guess we’re making cupcakes today 🙂 Thanks for the recipe and inspiration!

  30. I TOTALLY love SMBC. It’s the only way to go! 🙂 Love the cute photos and the sprinkles!

  31. Thank you, thank you! EVERY time I’ve made buttercream, it, well, sucked. I have been afraid to try it again. I’m going to try this, though. Thank you!!!

  32. Mmm, I love this frosting too, any excuse will do!

  33. I love this recipe, your cupcakes are adorable!

  34. Oh – I love buttercream frosting – can’t wait to try this version of it! Annie – where do you get those cute sprinkles?

  35. This frosting sounds so good! Love the way it rests atop those pretty cupcakes. I’ll have to try it next time I have something in need of a buttercream frosting. 🙂


  36. Those little cupcakes looks so darling!!! Love the blog!

  37. Mmmmm…look delish and so so pretty =)

  38. I just made a swiss meringue for the first time to fill my son’s first birthday cake – I wanted something less sweet to pair with cookie-dough bits for the filling. So I tried this. My first reaction was not a good one – I thought “Ick – so buttery, and greasy” but then I kept trying it, and it grew on me. And then my mother (who is not an icing fan) came to me and said “That filling was ridiculous! Delicious. I need to stop eating now or I’m going to eat it all!”

  39. i totally agree with the perfection that is swiss meringue buttercream. Impossibly delicious!

  40. I wanted to let you know I featured you today on my blog! I have been looking for a delicious frosting for my baby girl’s 1st birthday, you posted about this and I was SO excited! I bought all the ingredients this weekend and made it, it was heaven! Thank you SO much for sharing!

  41. This buttercream is the bees knees! I have taken a note of your vanilla cupcake recipe to try with it. I went over to the page to have a look and coo over your beautiful baby! Hopefully I will get a better cupcake from your recipe. I am never very great at cupcakes, they always seem to come out more the consistency of a muffin. It is disheartening 😦

  42. Oh maaaan, this was awesome. Did it by hand, took FOREVER. Worth the effort though, totes magotes 🙂

  43. I tried this recipe this weekend with the vanilla bean cupcakes you recommended. The frosting was like silk, and the perfect combination of light, sweet, and buttery. Thanks for posting!

  44. Hey Annie,

    I’m wanting to try this frosting out this weeked, but I don’t have a stand mixer. Will the recipe still be successful if I use a hand one?

    • Hi Nikki,
      If you look in the comments above, you can see that someone else has made it successfully with a hand mixer. Although, I’m sure (as she said), it would take a really, really long time. It takes a pretty long time in a stand mixer as it is.

  45. Annie- I made this frosting tonight to top our St. Patty’s Day cupcakes. It actually was easier to make than I anticipated but boy did I cringe at the 4 sticks of butter! The texture was so creamy and smooth and it made topping my cupcakes a breeze! Although I prefer the sweeeter taste of buttercream this was a hit with everyone else so I will make it again. Thanks for making me create outside the box and try something else! Love your blog and look forward to seeing your pictures!

  46. I just tried this recipe today, and I must have done something wrong. It was so runny and greasy. And it tasted like pure butter. I knew it was not going to be as sweet as a typical “American” style buttercream, but this wasn’t sweet at all. My kids wouldn’t eat it which is a first for them. With so many positive comments, I’m assuming I have done something wrong. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why mine was so runny? It wouldn’t even hold a simple shell border. Could I add a bit more sugar since I prefer a little sweeter icing?
    Could my butter have been too soft? Should I have refrigerated it some more?
    I read somewhere a secret of professional bakers is to whip their buttercream icings for almost an hour to produce an extremely light icing. I did that. Do you think that was the problem? Any tips would be appreciated as I’d like to try the recipe again, but don’t want to waste my ingredients again just to have the same results. Sorry to ask so many questions.

    • Hi Robin,
      It’s never easy to help figure out what went wrong because I wasn’t there with you. However, this is the nature of any Swiss meringue buttercream. It does look curdled but you just have to keep beating. It may take several minutes, but it always comes together eventually. I do think though that beating for a full hour may have caused it to separate – that is something I’ve never done. I have made this recipe many, many times and never had a problem with it. It’s just impossible for me to figure out what the problem was, but beating for such an extremely long time would be my best guess. And for what it’s worth, I’ve served this to many kids and adults, and everyone always gobbled it up.

  47. Thanks for such a quick response. I will try the recipe again shortly and let you know how I make out. I’ll try chilling it if it looks to runny when it’s done. Since your recipe has so many great reviews, I’ll try it again only follow the directions more closely for the mixing times.

    • Good luck, Robin. Chilling really shouldn’t be necessary when it comes together correctly. I have always just kept it at room temperature (up to 1 day) and it has kept its form perfectly.

  48. Would it be okay to add gel food coloring to this frosting? I made another one of your frosting recipes, and although YUMMY it separated when I added food coloring. Thanks for all of your wonderful recipes, I have yet to make one we didn’t like!

    • Alison,
      Yes, you can add gel coloring to this. But, you should be able to add it to any frosting without it having an effect. Which one separated? Sounds like there may have been something else going on there too.

  49. Maybe there was something else going wrong… it was the white chocolate whipped cream frosting. It tasted amazing and was perfect until I added red gel coloring and it separated. Maybe I did something else wrong? But it seems fine until the color went in. Do you have any other white chocolate frosting recipes?

    • Oh yes, that is a VERY finnicky frosting. I (and many friends, readers, etc.) have had similar experiences. It’s actually just due to overbeating the whipped cream – you essentially made butter. Believe me, I’ve done that more times than I care to recall. It is a great recipe and is positively delicious, you just have to be very careful not to overbeat, and make sure that the white chocolate is not at all warm before mixing it in.

  50. Can i just say i searched for MONTHS for this recipe…they use this exact one at a bakery that i go to. i actually harassed them for quite some time to get it but….they never gave in.

    i just made it for cupcaked for my sons 2nd birthday and you should know that not only did the adults love it but the kids licked all the frosting off and left the cake part.

    i’m pregnant and have been craving this swiss buttercream and no other frosting would do!! thank you so much!!!!!

  51. Annie- I made this recipe this weekend to frost some chocolate cupcakes. I don’t know what I did wrong, but it came out REALLY thick and SO buttery. It was almost like pure butter. Is it supposed to be like this? It was so greasy and buttery that my husband and I threw it out 😦

    • Alison,
      I’m not sure what to say. This is definitely a buttery buttercream, but everyone who has tasted mine has loved it, and a lot of other readers have made it successfully with good reviews. I think it’s a very light and silky frosting, not really thick. So, I’m guessing something went wrong but it’s impossible for me to know what. Sorry!

  52. Hi Annie: I’ve made this buttercream and it is to DIE for! It is so smooth and light, not like the others with the crisco and powdered sugar taste…YUCK! My daughter’s wedding is in two weeks and I have finally found the right icing to use for her cake! Thank you! One question though…the wedding is at 4:00 pm on a Sunday, if I ice the cake Sunday morning, can the cake sit out on the table, in a well air conditioned space, until the reception (wedding and reception in same location, so cake should be cut by 4:30) or should it be chilled in the refrigerator and then brought out before the reception begins? I’m just worried about the egg whites, but with the cooking process, should it be safe for the cake to be out of the fridge? Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Melissa,
      Glad you enjoy this as much as I do! The frosting should be fine at room temperature for at least one day, according to Martha’s website. I’ve kept it even a bit longer with no problems at all. Have fun with the wedding cake!

  53. I have been looking for the perfect Swiss Meringue Buttercream recipe, and I came accross your blog! Everytihng looks so beautiful! (Very inspiring) I just had a question. Does the heat proof bowl have to be a metal one? Every other recipe I have found says to use a metal one (preferably the one that comes with the kitchenaid mixer) but I don’t own a stand mixer (just a hand mixer) and I don’t have a single metal bowl in my entire house… Would a glass bowl work? Thank you so much for taking the time to answer.

    • Hi Allison,
      I don’t see any reason why the bowl would need to be a metal one. I usually use my mixer bowl, simply just so I don’t have to dirty another dish. I don’t think I would recommend something like a ceramic mixing bowl, but a Pyrex glass bowl would be fine. It will likely take a reeeally long time with a hand mixer though, so just be prepared!

  54. Hi again. Last month I tried this recipe and found it too buttery for my tastes, but I have adapted your recipe a little to sweeten it a bit, and I have made it several times since.
    Can cake that has been frosted with this sit out at room temp. or must it be refrigerated? I think you mention you let yours sit out for up to one day, is that correct?
    Also, is there any way I could thicken it so it could hold more intricate piping designs, like a stiff rose for example?
    And lastly, any left over icing, when I mix it up again, it seperates and turns watery, have you had that problem?
    I am hooked on Swiss Meringue Buttercream now, but I’m uncertain how long it can sit at room temp. … I don’t want to cause anyone to get sick.
    Thank you so much for you help.

    • Yes, you can check the Martha Stewart website on storage. It says 1 day at room temp, 3 days in the fridge (I think) and 1 month in the freezer. I have never used any that was left over, so I can’t comment on that. To stiffen any icing you can mix in powdered sugar, but that will obviously affect the flavor.

  55. I just made this recipe last week for a red velvet cake…and I liked it at first, however I noticed as time went by, it eventually started to just have the texture and feeling of greasy, bland, tasteless butter. Did I do something wrong, or is it just best fresh?

    • I have no way of knowing if you did something wrong. In my experience, the taste doesn’t really change over time and it’s still delicious even after a few days. I don’t know what to tell you!

  56. I made this yesterday and really liked it. I had no problem with it coming together. It curdled after about two-thirds of the butter was added, but it came together with another few minutes of beating, and then it was perfectly smooth. I added a tablespoon or so of lemon juice, which wasn’t enough to make it taste lemony, but does give it flavor besides just “sweet”.

  57. Thanks for the great recipe. I have the butter cream in the fridge at the moment. I am going to use them for cupcakes that I am serving on Saturday. I wanted to use the frosting and put the fondant decorations on the cupcake tomorrow (Friday), would I have to refrigerate the cupcakes overnight, or can they be left out until Saturday?

    Thanks again!

    • Evelyn,
      I included the storage information for this frosting in the post. If it’s only one day, it’s really whatever you feel comfortable with – leave out or refrigerate.

  58. I made this the other day for a big cake project and it came out beautifully! Thank you so much, it was a day of frosting disasters and this recipe saved my bacon!

  59. I made this for my daughter’s bridal shower cupcakes and it came out looking beautiful but multiple taste-testers felt it was not sweet enough and just a little too close to being whipped butter, so I added some powdered sugar (about a cup or so) and it sweetened up just enough. The consistency remained fine, the texture was still very silky and everyone loved it. I’ll definitely make it again. I’d tell anyone that they should try it and if it’s too buttery just add 10x to taste.

  60. Just to back up your constant advice that IT WILL SET UP IF YOU KEEP BEATING IT, I made a similar swiss meringue buttercream (Dorie Greenspan’s recipe) today, and it was runny at the beginning. I’ve had curdled buttercream, but never runny, so I was worried, but I figured that when it comes to swiss meringue buttercream, when it doubt, keep beating. It seemed to work!

  61. Has anyone had any problems freezing or storing this recipe in the fridge? I have tried storing it both ways, and when I let it come to room temp. it seperates and looks curdled. It looks especially bad if I have added color to it as it takes on a two tone curdled look. Is this curdling much like the curdled look when we first make the recipe, but after beating it, it comes together? I have always been so disgusted by this seperated, curdled left over frosting that I throw it away. Should I be remixing for a few minutes for it to come together? So far,I have just been stirring it with a spooon for a bit, but the more I do that, the more it breaks down.

    • I just used my left over frosting from the freezer the other day and it was great. You should definitely beat it a little bit to smooth it out though.

  62. Forgot to ask one other question… I have to pipe a store’s logo on a cake, so I plan on using the piping gel transfer method and filling it in with this frosting. Can this frosting be watered down a bit to make it runnier, almost like a color flow, so when I fill the logo, it appears nice and smooth?
    Thanks for any suggestins.

    • I’ve never heard of this but I don’t think this would “water down” well considering that it is mostly made of butter. I would probably use a different type of icing for something like that, but I don’t really have experience with that.

  63. Hi Annie,
    I’m planning to try this frosting for the base, on which i would have a FBCT. Would the transfer sit and set on the SMBC base?
    And, is the SMBC good for a really smooth finish (as the base) ?
    I’m waiting to try this combination !!

    • Sorry, I have no idea what FBCT is. Fill me in and I’ll try to answer your question.

      • Hi Anni,
        I meant frozen buttercream transfer – icing on the mirror image of the picture, freezing it and then transfer the hard image onto the cake.

        And another question would be -Would it be possible to do this freezing and transfer with swiss meringue itself.

      • I’m sorry, I really don’t know anything about doing transfers. I’ve never tried it myself. Good luck!

  64. I just tried a piping gel transfer on this frosting and it worked well. I just chilled the cake first so the base hardened. I have never heard of a frozen buttercream transfer…I’m excited now! I have a transformer cake to do and had no clue how to make that design, as I can’t draw freehand at all. Glad to have learned about that technique.
    I posted earlier about when I thaw this frosting it seperates, but the reply someone posted was correct. I just wasn’t beating it again long enough. A few extra minutes in the mixer and it came back perfectly.

  65. HI. I froze some of this frosting, let it thaw out, but now I don’t need it. Can it be refrozen??
    Thanks for the help.

  66. This frosting wasn’t sweet enough for my husband’s taste. I will probably add 1/4 cup powdered sugar the next time to up the sweet factor. But thanks for the awesome recipe, a new favorite for me!

  67. Hello. You have a lovely blog here. I will be adding you to my favorites! I was looking at this recipe, because I am attempting to recreate the delicious filling that was in my wedding cake. I have made a successful Swiss Buttercream before, so I know what I am getting into on that front. My baker’s site describes the cake filling this way: Hazelnut Cream – Vanilla Bavarian, Swiss buttercream, Italian hazelnut paste and a hint of Italian espresso.

    I am thinking of trying to get close to it with a swiss buttercream and the addition of hazelnut paste and espresso powder. Do you have any advice as to when you would add these ingredients? I am thinking at the end. Wish me luck! I have no idea what quantities of either of these products to add, as I have never used them before and just ordered them online. If you have any experience with either of them, I am listening!


    • Definitely add them at the end, once the buttercream has come together. No idea on the quantities though, you should probably just do that by taste. You may want to dissolve the espresso powder in a little bit of liquid first so the frosting isn’t really speckled looking.

  68. Hi Annie,

    I would like to try this recipe. I do not have a stand mixer. Do you think I could get away with using my hand mixer to do this or is that just crazy?

    Thanks for the great recipe.

    • Carly, honestly, I think it is not the best idea. Most of the time hand mixers are fine but this is one recipe where I just don’t think it will be successful.

  69. Hi Annie and Carly,

    I just made this recipe this weekend, and I too do not have a stand mixer (yet), and the frosting came out just fine. It’s a lot more work, but so so yummy.

    Thanks, Annie!

  70. I am in need of a yummy,Caramel Buttercream frosting…..Can I add a few TBSP. of Caramel to the vanilla buttercream recipe you posted & achieve the same consistency?

  71. Annie, I made this on Monday morning for my daughter so she could take her homemade vanilla cupcakes to school for someone’s birthday. OMgosh to both recipes! I just rave about your compilation of recipes…thanks for doing what you do.

  72. Do you use confectioners sugar with this? Would it be easier to use a double boiler instead of a bowl over a pot?

    • No, if confectioners’ sugar isn’t indicated, it means regular sugar. A bowl over a pot is basically the same thing as a double boiler.

  73. I made this recipe Wednesday night and added strawberry extract along with the vanilla extract, and let me tell you, it tasted like strawberry ice cream, it was smooth and delicious, thanks for posting with recipe!! 🙂

  74. I’d been waiting to get my new Cuisinart stand mixer before trying this recipe. I made a double batch today to frost a double-layer 12″ round cake for a birthday party, and it was the best frosting I’ve ever worked with (including the buttercream we made in culinary school!) It doubles beautifully, and following the timing in the recipe makes it a breeze.

    For those worried about wasting egg yolks, you can always use the pasteurized egg whites that come in the carton. One carton would make a triple batch of this frosting, or a double batch with enough whites leftover for a couple of healthy omelettes!

    This will be my go-to icing from now on- I think it could carry many flavours very well, and the consistency and sheen is just amazing. Thanks, Annie!

  75. BEST. FROSTING. EVER. Thank you so much for this! It is now a staple in my baking and will hopefully earn me a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer from my family, all of whom are now addicted to this frosting on your Vanilla Bean Cupcakes. Absolutely divine.

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