Creamy Stovetop Crab Dip

It’s funny now when I look back on the past and remember when I thought I didn’t like seafood.  I realize now that I only felt that way because I had never tried any that was properly prepared. (Hellooo, frozen fish sticks?)  Also, I’m from Indiana.  We aren’t exactly known for our abundance of fresh seafood in these parts.  After lots of summer vacations in South Carolina and ordering seafood in plenty of fancy restaurants with great ingredients and great chefs, I positively love it.  I order it probably 90% of the time when we’re dining out – like the two pound lobster I ate during our anniversary date last week (sorry, lobster!)

Now that I know where to get good quality seafood I enjoy preparing it at home.  I still don’t do it quite as often as I might like because it’s fairly pretty expensive to get the good stuff around here, but I do my best.  This crab dip has been on my mind for quite some time, just waiting to be made.  As soon as I was in the vicinity of a store that had good crab meat, I was all over it.  This is a quick snack or appetizer to whip up.  I made it in under 15 minutes while we were running out the door to visit family.  I brought it along and it was devoured in no time.  It’s decidedly not health food so I was glad to have people to share it with.

Creamy Stovetop Crab Dip
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1 tbsp. olive oil
1 cup onion, minced
12 oz. lump crab meat
8 oz. cream cheese, at room temperature
½ tsp. worcestershire sauce
1 tsp. freshly squeezed lemon juice
½ cup light mayonnaise
½ cup grated Parmesan cheese
Salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste

Heat the olive oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat.  Add the onion and sauté until tender, about 7 minutes.  Add the crab meat to the pan, including the juices in the can.  Stir in the cream cheese, worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, mayonnaise, and Parmesan.  Cook over medium heat for about 5 minutes, until all the ingredients are warmed through and the cheeses are bubbly.  Season with salt and pepper to taste.  Serve warm with crusty bread, crackers or pita chips as desired.

Source: slightly adapted from White on Rice Couple

22 Responses

  1. This looks great. I like stuff that can be whipped up in minutes for lunch but is v tasty.
    One of my fav’s is grilling some anchovies on a pitta bread till they sizzle, and eating with a ripe avocado.
    Good to see you have worcestershire sauce in the US by the way…

    • When do you stir in the cream cheese?

      I really love crab dib–I’ve made an easy one with cream cheese and salsa that (gasp!) you can make in the microwave. Quick, easy, and mighty tasty!

  2. What a great idea! I love serving appetizers and have never made a crab dip!

  3. This sound new to me, but it look really a good and delicious dip!

  4. This looks so delicious… I am allergic to crab. Would you recommend a substitute?

    • Not really, since it is crab dip and that is the main ingredient. Maybe just look for a different seafood dip.

  5. Crab and cream cheese are meant for each other! Yum! I think I would add a touch of tarragon.

  6. Hey Annie –

    How much dip this this make and also, did you use a can crab meat?

    • Kimberly,
      I don’t have a measurement of the quantity of dip. Just look at the ingredients and try to guesstimate how much it makes. I used the refrigerated containers of crab meat.

  7. As a Maryland girl, I’m a discriminating crab eater, but I bet this would pass my “test” any day! I’m going to have to give this one a try. The recipe looks great, Annie!

  8. This sounds so freaking good!!! I love simple yet satisfying dips like this one 🙂

  9. You have an AWESOME blog, so I award you with the Versatile Blogger Award!

    I had to pick blogs that I recently discovered, and I just started reading this one of yours. I’m an artist, art teacher and this blog inspires me.

  10. Looks great! I’d add a sprinkling of Old Bay, yum!

  11. Geez, I want to go buy some crab sooo bad right now so I can make this. I have a loaf of bread that it would go so good with.

  12. it musy be awesome!

  13. This looks and sounds like a great recipe. Like Heidi suggested, I’d add some Old Bay because it just makes anything crab related all the better [I live in MD, I might be biased], but I’m sure it’s super even without. Thanks!

  14. Annie,
    Where do you get your seafood? We just moved to East/Central IL from a big city with fantastic seafood and I am dyyyiiinngg here. I was thinking of making a trip to Indy for decent shopping, where do you recommend?

    • Wow, sorry for the extremely delayed response! I get seafood from Whole Foods, The Fresh Market, or Mitchell’s Fish Market.

  15. Hi Annie,

    I was just introduced to your recipes today and am very excited to try them!! But when I tried the printer friendly option to print it tells me the URL can’t be found? I hope you can help I’m very anxious too get busy!!!

    Thanks for all your hard work! I don’t know how you do it!!!

    A New Fan, Linda 🙂

    • Linda,
      I just checked all the printer-friendly links on the front page and they are working fine for me. Not sure what the problem is!

  16. Made this today as a lazy afternoon treat. YUMMY! I added zest of half a lemon and some sriracha for a little heat…I guess that’s how we roll. Thanks for the recipe! And by the way, your Creamy Taco Mac has become a staple dinner for us now!

  17. I made this yesterday and it came out delicious considering I had no mayo left so I had to skip that ingredient all together. I also added a little lemon zest. Those were my own two alterations, but it was SO good! Definitely a keeper.

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