Burrito Bowls

I’m not embarrassed to admit my love for certain Mexican chain restaurants that serve massive, calorie-laden burritos – gotta love the Q!  Don’t get me wrong, I much prefer authentic Mexican food but sometimes Mexican fast food just hits the spot.  A quick peak at the nutritional value for any of my favorite entrees from such establishments is enough to send me running to the gym so as much as I may love it, we only indulge a few times a year.

Burrito bowls (basically a burrito minus the tortilla) are a popular menu item in these restaurants, and are often referred to as “naked” burritos.  (I’m a little wary of having that word in the title of a blog post.  Who knows what sort of weird searches could lead people here?)  I never order them myself because if I’m going to indulge, I go ahead and get the tortilla.  But this concept is perfect for a quick and easy, healthy weeknight meal.  I used leftovers from other meals to make these burrito bowls and they were so simple to throw together.  I was pleasantly surprised with what  a great meal this turned out to be.  Tasty, filling, and far better for us than the restaurant burrito.   This isn’t really even a recipe, just a general meal idea, so I have linked to the various components I included in my burrito bowls.  They are incredibly adaptable to suit your own tastes so feel free to experiment!

Burrito Bowls
Cilantro Lime Rice
Spicy Citrus Black Beans
My Favorite Salsa Ever
Grilled Chicken (next time I’ll use this tequila lime chicken)
Shredded cheese
Sour cream

Inspired by Qdoba, Chipotle, etc.

30 Responses

  1. This bowl looks so tasty! And when you make it yourself it can totally be lightened up 🙂

  2. Yummm!!! Looks delish, and so easy!

  3. I can’t wait to make some this weekend! 🙂 I can even add extra rice. They always look at me strange when I ask for more at the Q! 😦

  4. Whats not to love here? Great meal idea!

  5. Yum! Burrito bowls are the best- Baja Fresh is great too!

  6. I absolutely love burrito bowls! My favorite is from Chipotle, though Qdoba is a close second 🙂

  7. Oh yes! I am a huge fan of quedoba and chipotle! I often make burrito bowls at home! So delish and much more nutritious (portion-wise)! Now I want chipotle!

  8. Yum! What a great way to use leftovers. I’ll have to keep this in mind for a weeknight dinner. Thanks, Annie!

  9. That looks delicious! Mexican is one of my favorite cuisines….I’m adding this to my menu plan!

  10. I love how a little of “this” and a bit of “that” makes a stellar meal! Yum!

  11. What is the Q? queso? Anyway, this bowl looks amazing!

  12. Oh, the perfect use for the leftovers from my Crock Pot Pulled Pork Tacos! Love to transform leftovers so my fam is none the wiser:) Thanks!

  13. Delish! I love making my own burrito bowls! 🙂

  14. Ohhh, that looks yummy! And easy! This may have to be my quick dinner tomorrow as it looks to be a busy day! I’m so inspired by the fact that you post something yummy looking everyday! You’re not a woman, you’re a machine! 😉

  15. Looks wonderful!!


  16. Where have I been? I’ve never heard of a “naked” burrito before! I have got to try this!

  17. Looks good to me! A perfect mid-week meal. Thanks for sharing!

  18. What a great way to use up some leftovers!! I love meals like this where everyone can kind of customize their bowl!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  19. Looks yummy, easy and tasty. Will have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  20. I do love using left overs in unexpected ways! Love this idea, thanks for the post. And the tequila lime chicken….made me think of the perfect margarita. I could use both of those right now.

    The Perfect Margarita: http://tinyurl.com/hwm-tequila


  21. I like to do a “naked taco” style bowl and add shredded green cabbage and guacamole. Yum!

  22. Gotta love the Q? Uh oh … might have to challenge you on this one … seeing as how it is universally agreed upon that Chipotle’s rules.

    But other than that, loved your take on the burrito bowl. Cheers!

  23. Great looking bowl, haven’t had a naked burrito before (nor have I had a burrito, naked) but it seems perfect. Maybe toss some avocado in there, I need more fat;)

    Ooooo it would be even better in one of those fried tortilla bowls!

    You have inspired me, this dish is calling my name:)

  24. This was delicious! One of my new favorites and not that difficult to make! Thanks Annie!

  25. I agree that it’s a good indulgence a few times a year, and you gotta go with the tortilla when you get Chipotle! This is a great idea to make at home, so you can keep it healthier!

  26. Mmmm…..Qdoba inspired goodness! Can’t wait to try this.

  27. Nice and simple and just packed with some of my favorite flavours!

  28. I made these this week and they were extra yummy! Easy to make too, great recipe!

  29. Just made these tonight and they turned out delicious! Better than the Q, if you ask me! The only thing I did different is leave the black beans unseasoned (just added a little salt) and seasoned the chicken with a mixture of cumin, chili powder, garlic, onion, and salt. I even made homeade salsa! That really set the whole thing off! Yum! Thanks for the idea, Annie. I just might never visit the Q again! 😉

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