Andrew’s Second Birthday Party

Andrew turned two a couple of weeks ago.  Um, what?  How is that possible?  It’s truly amazing how time has flown since we were blessed with our little man.  It’s also mind boggling to see how much he has changed in that short time, and how quickly he is learning.  It’s impossible to describe what a lively boy he is and what a huge personality he has, but I’ll just say we feel unbelievably lucky to have him as our son.

Of course, being the planner and party thrower I am, I was very excited to plan this event.  This year I went with a Dr. Seuss theme because Andrew really likes a lot of the Seuss books and he loves the movie “Horton Hears a Who!”  Here are some pictures from our very fun day!

As always, I feel the invitations really set the tone for an event.  These were easy to make and I loved how they turned out!

I printed out some of my favorite quotes from Dr. Seuss books and hung them in the entryway with red and blue streamers to help set the fun atmosphere of the party as soon as guests walked in.

I couldn’t get a good shot with all of the quotes in the same picture, but there were seven of them.  It was tough to narrow it down!

I’ve seen this birthday banner idea popping up all over the place.  I just couldn’t resist making one myself!  It was fun and easy to make and guests loved looking at it.  So did Andrew!

So, I’ve been positively dying to create a sweet table or dessert buffet, and I thought the red and blue colors would really pop.  Boy, did they!  It was difficult to get a good shot of the whole table so I took a few different pictures.   Here is what was included on the sweet table:
Red velvet whoopie pies
Oreo truffles with blue candy coating
Marshmallow pops with blue candy coating
Sour cherry candies and berry blue Jelly Bellys
Pretzel rods dipped in red and blue candy melts with sprinkles
Red and blue rock candy
Strawberry pops
Caramel corn (you know I can’t resist it)
Coke in glass bottles with red and blue striped straws (I love Coke in glass bottles – it’s an obsession)

I made this little banner to hang above the sweet table.

Instead of making a birthday cake large enough to feed our 30-some guests, I opted for cupcakes with a small 6-inch cake at the top of the tower.  Turns out, making a cupcake tower is easy as can be and it makes for a really nice presentation.

I made “Thing 2” cupcakes using red velvet cupcakes, cream cheese frosting, and blue cotton candy for the “hair”.  I thought these looked really cute and everyone seemed to get a kick out of them.  One thing to watch out for with the cotton candy topping is, as you probably know, cotton candy dissolves in contact with liquid – and frosting.  Thank goodness I did a test run early in the day and found that it dissolved after 30-60 minutes, so the topping was the very last thing I did before guests arrived.

Of course I just could not resist doing green eggs and ham for the food, so I went with green deviled eggs and ham and cheese sliders.  People loved it!

Wow!  These sliders were so awesome.  I loved them and I’m not usually much of a ham person.  They were devoured quickly.  I’ll be sure to share this recipe in the future!

I kept the non-sweet food table pretty simple.  Other than the green eggs and ham, we did a veggie tray, fruit skewers, and potato salad (not pictured).

The birthday boy had a fantastic time, and really loved the cake (can you tell?)  I had ordered him a cute “Thing 2” t-shirt to wear but the Etsy seller I ordered from shipped it the day before the party (despite assuring me she had shipped it one week prior.)  Fail.  This shirt seemed to work though!

Our living room was positively covered in toys, wrapping paper, boxes, etc.  Andrew dove right in.

Of course I had to make some favor cookies for the guests.  I made the little “thank you” tags with a stamp and red embossing power – cute and easy!

Oh, how I love this boy.

Vendor Information
Bake It Pretty – red cupcake wrappers, red and blue striped straws
Paper Source – thank you stamp, red and blue polka dot papers
Oh! Nuts – red and blue rock candy, blue cotton candy

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  1. I love this idea! Everything is so adorable. The cupcake tower is cute, I made one of those for my college graduation cupcakes.

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  5. It all looks totally amazing- well done!! I have ‘Thing 1’ and ‘Thing 2’ t-shirts for my twin boys- I would love to do a themed party like this for them!

  6. Absolutely adorable! How did you make the cupcake stand?

    • Jen, it’s actually very easy but not so easy to explain in a quick comment. I’ll try to do a post about it sometime!

  7. absolutly adorable. You did such a good job!!

  8. Everything looks fun, festive and delicious! You did a great job working with the theme.

  9. Wow! That party looks absolutely amazing. Andrew is one lucky guy! Dr. Seuss is such a great theme because there is just so much you can do with it. I am thinking about doing a Dr. Seuss theme for my nursery when we have our first in November! Thanks for this website. I love recreating the recipes on here!

  10. Wow, you did an amazing job. Congratulations on your son’s birthday and blessings for the years to come.

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  18. Love it! I’m dying to make my first dessert buffet too! Love Amy Atlas for those! Happy happy birthday to your Andrew — I’m sure he’ll love his lifetime of fun bdays from you:) I vivdly remember each bday for my kids (and all the lovely painstaking details & no sleep too:))) Everything looks awesome — question … did you just free hand the “2” on all the cookies? They look great! Love cupcake towers too!

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  31. On a strange note, we are nearly neighbors. We live in Monrovia (near Plainfield). I thought it was funny that I have been reading this blog for so long and had no idea!

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  40. Annie,

    What a great looking party you threw! Truely awesome! But I know this is pressing my luck, I need to get directions on how to make the cupcake tower. Any suggestions or webpages?


    • I’m sure webpages exist but I just made mine on my own, with no guidelines. It was easy, I’ll do a post on it soon!

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    Julie @ Willow Bird Baking

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    fun thanks for sharing.

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    Can you please post a tutorial on how you made the cupcake tower? Thanks!

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  69. Amazing party! And I can’t wait for the ham sliders recipe…would be perfect for my DD’s Sesame Street party in October!

  70. I found your site recently and I absolutely LOVE it. I love your recipes, and this party is just too cute. My sons birthday is 9 months away…so now I have 9 months to plan it. Hahaha!

    Those sugar cookies look so amazing. Is that a recipe you share? I am looking for a really good recipe and haven’t found one yet. I would love to try yours! Also, you should do a tutorial on how you did that cake plate. People will love it (especially me!)

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  73. So adorable Annie! You did an awesome job. Love the clean lines and cuteness and that you know how to do all this other crafty stuff too! Gotta love the crafty mommas.

    My daughter turns 2 this year in September. Her first birthday party, i did outside at a park and it got rained out. Made me sad because i worked so hard on the details. This year INSIDE!

    I would love to hear some tips on getting everything to go smoothly.

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    Love it, love everything! Especially the green eggs and ham!

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    And I can’t believe he’s 2 already! It feels like you just did your “I’m pregnant!” cookie post.

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  79. Amazing!! I loved the theme and everything you did!
    How many days in advance can I make sugar cookies? I’m wanting to offer them as favors for my dd’s first birthday party on sunday!

    • I usually make them up to a week before they are needed, and as long as they are kept airtight, they keep extremely well.

  80. wow, Annie! You really know how to throw a beautiful party. It’s elegant and fun, but not overdone. I’m so impressed with how you pull everything together so perfectly. Wonderful, job, and happy 2nd birthday to your great little man!

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    You did a really awsome job!! I’m sure there are several party sites that would love to show this off!!
    The cupcakes and the cookies are really extra special! And the green eggs, and ham sandwiches were awesome ideas too!

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  89. Hi Annie,

    Everything – especially the sugar cookies- looks so perfect! Andrew is so cute too! I was wondering if you could share the red velvet cupcake recipe/link to recipe with me. I’m thinking of making some for the 4th of July, but I haven’t found a good recipe yet. I’ve tried some of your cupcake recipes and they were great.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Adriana,
      I plan on posting the recipe soon because I’m actually using it for a wedding cake and cupcake order later this week, but that won’t be until after July 4th. I used the “winner” from this red velvet cake comparison. Hope that helps!

  90. That is toooo cute! You did a great job!!

  91. Very cute as always Annie! I can’t believe we’re getting ready for Drew’s 1st birthday party!

  92. i’ve never commented before, but just had to see this party is awesome! i love the color palette you used and i love the simplicity of it. a lot of parties that i see are so over the top… the food table and dessert table is so full of things it’s just distracting. i think yours is perfect!

  93. Wow- such an amazing party! I can’t believe how grown up Andrew looks with his little boy haircut! So cute! I can’t wait to make a dessert table too, I have so many ideas. I love coke in bottles as well – so good. Everything you did for this party is incredible – love it all!

  94. Happy Birthday, Andrew!

  95. That has to be one of the cutest parties I have seen. I love the colors, you really thought of everything! And the pictures are wonderful. My daughter just turned two in May and we did the Wizard of Oz theme, I made witch cupcakes and we painted a yellow brick road into the house. I must say, its so fun to throw them parties.

    You really did a great job, so creative and the food looks fabulous.

  96. Outstanding job! What a darling son you have!

  97. What a cute party! I want to turn 2 again!

  98. wow! i am thoroughly impressed! your decor was fabulous! i loved the signs with the dr. suess quotes hanging from the ceiling! so neat! the sweets table was to die for! you are very talented! what a great, great party!

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  100. WOW! Your favors, cake, decorations are absolutely spectacular. Your little boy is precious.

  101. Everything looks absolutely awesome, Annie – not that that’s surprising! Happy birthday, Andrew!

  102. WOW! Will you host my 20th birthday party!? Haha, and yes, it can be Dr. Seuss as well 🙂

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  104. How beautiful! You did such a wonderful job 🙂

  105. Fan-Flippin-Tastic!!!! Amazing!!!

  106. wow. your a cool mom!!
    that looks like so much work! i’m tired just looking at it. but it turned out fantastic. all I ever do is pizza/ plain cake and invite some kids over for video games. :-p

  107. I turn 30 on October 19th. FYI. I’ll send you my invite list, ok?

  108. Wow! Everything from the invitations to the decorations, and of course the food, is amazing! It makes me want to plan a party too! Do you have a program you use to make your invitations, or do you just use scrapbook paper?

  109. You are the best mom/party planner ever. Hands down.

  110. Girl, quit your job and do this full time. I’m telling you, you have a gift! 🙂

    Happy birthday little guy! You have an amazing mom!

  111. Outstanding. All of it.

  112. Wow….just wow…you are amazing. Andrew is so lucky to have you as his mama! I can’t wait to see what you’ll do next year. Such a beautiful and wonderful birthday, loved the theme!!

  113. Annie this looks amazing!!!!
    I don’t know how you do it!!!!
    The next time you have an event, could you please post your schedule? I would love to learn how to manage time!!! Thanks!!!!
    Love your blog!!!

    • Hi Sue,
      I’ve actually done a post about my party planning process before, but I don’t intend to do it for each party I throw. You can see it here.

  114. Incredible! This belongs in Martha Stewart Living Magazine! You’re an incredible woman and mom!

  115. Incredible!! I love planning a good party myself, but you really take the cake here! Andrew is a lucky boy! If you have any Thomas the Tank Engine party ideas feel free to send them my way!!! 🙂

    • Caroline,
      Yeah, Andrew is in love with Thomas (or “Tommy”) as he’s known around our house, but I don’t want to do any TV or movie-themed parties since we try to encourage reading instead. Hence the Seuss theme. Sorry!

  116. what an AMAZING party! love all the gorgeous & sweet details. i am totally stealing your ideas. 😉

    happy 2nd birthday to your little guy!

  117. Happy Birthday, Andrew!! You threw him an awesome party, I must say!

  118. Oh my!
    This is QUITE the spread!! I can’t believe you did all this and have the actual 2-year old to contend with! Way to go, Mom; it looks like a beautiful table! And think like the birthday boy had a blast too!

  119. Few days ago I found your website and I just love it!! I am a truly big fan of you!! As others have pointed it out, you’re really a superwoman. I’d love to see a post about how you manage your time, not a party planning schedule, but a regular day of yours. I mean, I’ve read some of your blogs when you were studying, you have a lovely kid, a husband and still make time for baking what always look yummy things, present them in a nice way, take them photographs and write in your blog??? REALLY, how can you do it? PLEASE, share it a post, I’m really curious!

  120. Oooh! Great party! I would love the recipe for those ham sandwiches. I’m deep in the throes of b-day party planning, and those look awesome!

  121. Hi Annie… Great party! I would also love the directions on how to make the cupcake tower. I am making cupcakes for a party next weekend and would like to try to make the tower this week. I know you are very busy so if you can’t post the directions by then I will absolutely understand. Just thought I would give it a shot. Thanks so much! Nicole

    • Nicole, unfortunately I won’t get to it before next weekend. I have my posts scheduled out a few weeks in advance and that one is not ready to go. I’ll get to it as soon as I can!

      • No problem. I still look forward to seeing your post on how to make the cupcake tower once it’s ready. Thanks for your response.

  122. My little boy turns 2 right at the end of August. I remembered your baby was 2 soon and I’m pleased to see the pictures, it gives me a few ideas. Well done it looked like a great party – bet you were tired at the end! We are having a Thomas the Tank Engine themed party. He is Thomas mad!

  123. Wow. That is one amazing birthday feast! I’d better not show my soon to be four year old! You’re putting me to shame!

  124. My first time visiting! Love this! Where (or how did you make) did you get the cupcake stand???

    • Dana,
      As mentioned in the comments above, I will do a post about how to make a cupcake tower.

  125. This is beautiful. Do you know about how much the whole thing cost to put together?

  126. Great party! Filing this one away in my “someday” folder 😉

  127. WOW!!! What an amazing party planner/mom you are!!! I wish I could do something like this for my little boy! He’s only 6 months right now, maybe by the time he’s 2 I can perfect something like this!!!

  128. I just recently started a blog about being a housewife and a new mother. I love cooking, baking, decorating, and throwing parties. One of my friends turned me on to your blog, and to be honest I was a little offended at first. Then, I went to your page and understood exactly why she sent me here. If you can’t take advice and then you can’t grow…right?!
    You have a beautiful page and I love your topics! But your son’s 2nd birthday tops all! It was amazing and your little boy is going to be so appreciative for all of your hard work, one day! It was such a precious party and I loved your theme! Bravo Mama!

  129. I absolutely LOVE your invitations. Did you use the polka dot paper from paper source for them or different scrapbooking paper?

  130. This is awesome! You did a great job with this party. I love the Dr. Seuss theme.

  131. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! You did such a fantastic job. Would love to feature you over on Shoot me an email if you’re okay with that.

  132. Simply amazing!! I am so impressed by all you did for his party. Really I have to say, I love reading your blog and I cannot thank you enough for sharing all your goodies.

  133. I know a lot of people criticize you for your attention to detail and how perfect everything always looks, but I just wanted to say again that I think the party looked so fun. Why not put time and effort into your child’s party. He’ll only turn 2 once and you’ll always have the memories! Don’t pay any attention to those who are critical and jealous.

  134. Did you use the dark blue or light blue when you chose the straws, paper, etc.? The colors really POP!

    You did such an amazing job!! You’re sooooo talented!!


  135. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog, and this party looked amazing…you have a lucky little boy 🙂 This post inspired me to do a dessert table for my parents’ upcoming anniversary party…but I was wondering what you used as the “sticks” for the strawberry pops and marshmallows and where I could find them?

  136. So cute! I just finished throwing my little guys 1st birthday, but now you have me thinking about birthday #2! Such a cute idea, and I love Dr. Seuss!

    Just one question… how did you do the thank you tags? With embossing power? Never heard of it… I am not crafty at all! But is it something you can buy at JoAnns or AC Moore? I am hosting a bridal shower next weekend and the favors are sugar cookies, and I love the thank you tag idea.

    • Yes, you stamp with a watermark stamp pad and then sprinkle with embossing powder. You use an embossing heat tool to melt the powder and get the finished look. It is easy and fun and you will LOVE it! I am a little obsessed with my embosser. And yes, I buy the powders at Michael’s and Joann’s.

  137. So cute – are there guideline/instructions on the photo banner you did showing each month of the first year? I would love to do this but I am not very creative so some guidelines would help. Thanks!

    • No instructions. All I did was stick photos onto colored card stock and use a hole punch to tie onto the main ribbon. Pretty simple.

  138. Annie,

    Where did you get the Cat in the Hat image for your invitations? Is that a stamp? I’m doing a Dr. Seuss theme for my son’s 1st birthday in October, and I’m dying to use your invitation idea. Thanks.

  139. Sorry to bother you again. But where did you get the cotton candy that matches the hair of Thing 2 so well? The blue cotton candy I’ve seen is more of a baby blue color.

    Also, what is the blue and white polka dot covering the sweets table and the box that the marshmallow pops are stuck in? If it’s wrapping paper, where did you get it?

  140. I am having a Dr. Seuss party for my son’s 1st birthday next week. I am in the process of making a cupcake tower but can not find the right thing to put between the layers to separate them. What did you use? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You can use anything. A cardboard tube, a piece of styrofoam (like me), a can of vegetables. Be creative!

  141. Wow I only wish to be as creative as you. I love it. What an amazing job!!

  142. oops, that was …

    WHERE will I find the directions when you post them?

  143. hi where can i get those invitations i love them ! my daughters birthday is sept 1st and i would need them soon please let me know asap!

  144. Annie, I’d like to “chat” with you about how you made your invites. If you could email me, I’d greatly appreciate it!!
    Thanks 🙂

  145. I made the oreo truffles yesterday and they turned out great [ minus the fact that my choc. was super thick =( ]! What kind of candy coating did you use for yours? Thank you for sharing all of your work and reciepes!!

    • For the blue coating I had here, I used blue candy melts. Normally I just use melted white or dark chocolate.

  146. I loooooove this idea. I am planning my son’s first birthday party and I am using a few of your ideas! Great pictures!!

  147. Wow, I am so impressed with your pics! wish i could plan parties like you. Question – how did you make the sliders? and for the oreo truffles, did you use vanilla blue candy melts instead of the melted chocolate?

  148. That is amazing!!!! What a lucky boy Andrew is! I might have to steal this idea.

  149. So. Jealous. Of. You.

    I work a regular 9-5 job and can barely find the energy to cook a decent dinner at night. How you do all that you do, I’ll never know (and it looks like I’m not alone from all the comments I skimmed through). You’re like a young Martha Stewart on steroids. If you could learn to bottle the Annie-ness, you’d make a fortune. 🙂 I gave birth to my daughter earlier this month, and you’ve got me already thinking about her first birthday party. So looking forward to continuing inspirations from you!

  150. Hey Annie–I’m hoping to create a cupcake tower for my daughter’s party–how many cupcakes did yours hold?

  151. I love Dr. Seuss! My sister actually turned me on to your site with this party theme and I just can’t get enough! I love each idea and plan to use the theme for my son’s second birthday as well. Thanks for the fabulous ideas!! Can you tell me if you have posted the sugar cookie recipe that you used for the favor 2 cookies? Always looking for a great sugar cookie recipe. Thanks.

  152. Hey Annie! I had a quick question….you are the only professional baker I know so here it is…. When I make the oreo truffles (I mixed the oreos with cream cheese and roll into little problem) My problem come in when I go to dip the truffles in the candy melts… Mine seems soooo thick so I added oil and it does get thinner but I can never really just dip and pull out a nicely covered truffle…. Do you have any pointers or tips? When you dipped your truffles did you put them on a stick to dip them??

    Thanks in advance!

    • I didn’t do anything special to the melts, and I don’t have any great tips. I just dip the balls and try to shake off the excess. And no, I don’t use a skewer or anything to dip.

  153. What kind of sticks did you use for the strawberries? What are they suck into?

  154. Disregard last post. I see you used lollipop Sticks. Where do you find those? Does Michaels carry them? Also, did you stick them into a styrofoam cube?

  155. im doing a cat in the hat baby shower and have a few quesitons…when you say candy melt do you mean dipping chocolate? Also when you put the cotton candy on does it look bad after 60 minutes. I love the look but dont want an unsightly mess half way through the shower. thanks for the great ideas as always!

    • Try Googling candy melts. Not the same as dipping chocolate. I don’t think the cotton candy topper will look good after 60 minutes. It melts fairly quickly.

  156. Hi, I found your blog by searching for Dr. Seuss themed birthdays. I am totally using your idea of the birthday banner and the quotes for my son’s first birthday which is this Saturday. His room is done in Dr. Seuss too! Anyway, loved your ideas and your craftiness! You are very talented! Thanks for the inspiration!

  157. awesome. where did u get polka dot napkins. thx

  158. I don’t usually take the time to comment much, but I just got on your blog and since my son just turned two this post caught my attention. I am so impressed with what u did. And I no there was probably so much more. A person can convey love in many different ways and I’ve always felt like cooking is one of them. You made that such a special party for ur little darling! U must be an incredible mother. I actually got a little teary eyed as i looked at these pics because it’s so sweet how much u obviously love ur son. And I can totally relate. It’s heartbreaking how quickly these little guys grow up. I will certainly be stealing ur ideas for my sons bday party next year, which I no will be here before I no it! U have a remarkable website. Many thanks for all that you do and all that u share!!

  159. Can I ask where you ordered the invitations from? LOVE THEM!!!

  160. was your polk a dot table runner fabric or paper? Where did you get that? Also, is there a recipe for the candy coating for the marshmallow pops?

    • It is paper and vendors are listed at the bottom of the post. Candy melts for the marshmallow pops – no recipe.

  161. One last thing….Where did you find that Huge #2 for the cake top?

  162. What a lucky little boy! You’re truly talented! I think Dr. Seuss stories really transcend time. This Halloween, two law school friends dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2. Glad to see you’re fostering Andrew’s appreciation for good literature.

  163. Hi my name is Natalie and i looooove the invitations. Did you order them from someone or a company, and if so can you give me there name and # so i can order some for my sons 1st birthday in Janurary

  164. I was interested in the ham and cheese sliders and could not find the recipe. Would love to make them for my granddaughter’s party. Is it posted somewhere? Love the whole party!

  165. Never mind, I just found the recipe! Great site. Wish I had your energy and brains.!

  166. Can you please tell us how you made those invites!!! Please, Please, I have a Seuss birthday in January and would love to make them!!

  167. Thank you! I actually read all your comments last night, and I was up pretty late making these invitations!! But you were right, they arent complicated too much!! 🙂 My invites are exactly like yours but they are definatly inspired by you!
    Thank you!

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