Chocolate Chip Scones

These chocolate chip scones have long been a favorite in our household, but they got buried deep in the archives with a ugly photo.  I love them both because they are delicious (I mean, hello, they are chocolate chip scones!) but also because I pretty much always have the ingredients on hand.  This means I can whip up a fantastic breakfast or brunch treat in next to no time.  Just as with any scones, only bake as many as you need at a time and freeze the rest of the dough after shaping.  You can bake straight from the freezer and have a sweet treat fresh from the oven with practically no effort required.

Chocolate Chip Scones
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1½ cups plus 2 tbsp. all-purpose flour
¼ cup sugar
2 tsp. baking powder
Pinch of salt
1 cup (6 oz.) chocolate chips (I prefer dark chocolate chips)
1 cup heavy cream
2 tbsp. butter, melted
Additional sugar for sprinkling (optional)

Preheat the oven to 375˚ F.  Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a silicone baking mat.  Combine the flour, sugar, baking powder and salt in a medium bowl; stir to combine.  Toss in the chocolate chips and stir to blend.  Add the heavy cream to the flour mixture, stirring just until a dough forms and the dry ingredients are incorporated.  Knead the dough very briefly with well floured hands to ensure even mixing.

Using a large dough scoop (or a large spoon), drop rounds of dough onto the prepared baking sheet.  Brush lightly with melted butter and sprinkle with additional sugar (if using).  Bake 15-20 minutes, until lightly browned.

Source: adapted from Brown Eyed Baker, originally from Hershey’s

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  1. been on this “freezing dough” binge lately. makes so much sense, only make a mess once but eat tasty treats for a month.

    let me ask: personal preference on scones, triangular or round?


    • I don’t have a preference really but I usually decide based on the type of dough. If it’s pretty sticky and difficult to shape, I go for the drop scones. Otherwise, I go triangular. I like to mix it up.

  2. Scones are so Delicious
    especially when they are paired with CHOCOLATE!

  3. Yummy these look good. I’ll have to take this recipe down and try it. 😀 Thanks for posting.

  4. Breakfast baked goods hold such a special place in our hearts…what better way to start the day than with a chocolate chip scone?! These look just delicious.

  5. I love the freezing the scone dough, such a great trick. These look amazing!

  6. Annie, one question about baking the dough straight from the freezer. Does it take the same amount of time or does it take a few minutes longer to bake from the oven? These chocolate chip scones look so yummy!

  7. I would love to wake up to these! YUM!

  8. Look SO yummy! I use a similar recipe, but it contains buttermilk, which is such a great pairing with chocolate chips…I know you mentioned that you have recently begun experimenting with buttermilk, so I thought I would mention it.

    Also, If you want triangles I learned this trick from a baker friend… make a ball, dip the top in sugar and then place on parchment to flatten and cut. Putting the sugar on first makes it easy to flatten and cut as it makes it not sticky.

    • Cyndi, you may have me confused with someone else – I’ve been enjoying buttermilk in scones, cakes, etc. for quite a long time. And I know how to shape triangular scones, I just made these drop scones out of personal preference and for the sake of variety.

  9. Your scones on here are always amazing!! I made the pumpkin ones for a party once and my friend declared they were better than the ones from Starbucks 😀

    Another great recipe here that I will definitely be trying!

  10. Love, love, love scones!!!! Your pictures are always so gorgeous, it just make want to grab one from the screen! Believe it or not, it never occurred me to freeze scones! I guess I told you before, but having two guys eleven months apart can challenge your brain! 😀

  11. Those scones look amazing!! I really want to try them 🙂

  12. I’ve tried a number of wonderful recipes and this one is next on my list. I’d never heard of baking the dough right from the freezer – will have to try that, it certainly makes good sense. I don’t do regular scones very well, I just seem to mess up every time, doing it your way (scooping the dough instead of rolling and cutting) sounds a lot easier. Keep up the great job, love your blog.

  13. Hi Annie,

    I’ve selected you as a winner of the Versatile Blogger Award. Congratulations! It’s great to give something back to the writer of the one blog I read daily. For details, see my blog at

    Take care,

  14. Annie – These look great! Have you ever tried the America’s Test Kitchen scones recipe? It’s the only one I’ve tried and it turned out great. I am excited to try this recipe as well since I am new to scones (my new favorite breakfast treat!). Would you say these are more flaky or cakey? Love the blog – keep these great recipes coming!!!

    • I have made their blueberry scones and they are the best scones in the world, in my opinion. These are kind of in between I guess, I don’t think cakey or flaky really describes them well – just delicious!

  15. hey! all i need is to get some whipping cream and i’m gonna make these! thanks for the recipe!

  16. Fantastic, as usual 🙂 This is my kind of breakfast. Especially when I don’t have to wake up too early to prepare it! Thanks for sharing.

  17. Yum there’s something irresistible about a chocolate chip scone!

  18. Now you’re talking! You are the queen of scones:)

  19. This is the second scone recipe I saw today.. it’s a sign!!

  20. wow! i’ve never made scones,, but i am planning to now!
    thanks for this great post!

  21. those are beautiful scones!! I need to make these, I love the chocolate in them with that great crunchy extereior!

  22. These look absolutely delicious! Chocolate and scones…yummy!

  23. my kids doesn’t like scone, I bet they will like this because this scone has their favourite chocolate chips, must make for them one day. Thanks for sharing.

  24. hi annie, i love your website! but im from england and was thinking heavy cream is probably the same as something in england just with a different name, maybe double cream? if you have any idea could anyone please let me know 🙂 thankyou.

  25. Hi Annie, if i wanted to make blueberry scones do i just follow the same directions but substitute the chocolate for blueberries? or would there be any changes?

  26. I’m finding that I am using other websites for food ideas less and less because you have the best recipes! I made a batch of this dough over the weekend and popped some in the oven for breakfast this morning. What a wonderful way to start the week, and a Monday. I’ve never made scones before, but this was super easy. I look forward to trying variations on this and keeping them in the freezer for those mornings where you just need a little something extra.

  27. I am SO glad you talk about freezing the extra scones dough . . . I tell friends that all the time . . . my freezer regularly has zip lock bags of pumpkin, plain, cranberry, blueberry (and now chocolate chip) scones already formed and ready to pop into the oven . . . what a treat on a Sunday morning to pop a couple of scones into my convection oven just before I get in the shower . . . by the time I’m out, the scones are baked and the water for tea is ready to pour into the pot — in the time it takes to go out to pick up the Sunday paper off the driveway the tea has steeped and I can go out onto the back deck with fresh tea and scones, the Sunday paper — how could life get any better?????

  28. How many scones does this recipe make?

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