Hello Kitty Cupcakes

How cute are these?!  You are probably thinking I made them for a little girl’s birthday party, but these were actually a coworker request.  Colleague birthdays provide the perfect opportunity for me to have fun baking, try new recipes and share sweet treats with others.  Nearly all the time, they choose a favorite cake/frosting flavor but this time my coworker mentioned that she is a huge fan of Hello Kitty and asked if I could incorporate that into a cupcake.  Sure, why not?!  She did request a chocolate cupcake as the base, so I started brainstorming and went to work.

I used my favorite chocolate cupcake (just the cake portion of the chocolate whiskey cupcakes).  These are my favorite based on flavor and texture, but incidentally they were especially perfect for this purpose because they bake up with flat tops.  I used pink-tinted vanilla buttercream to frost the cupcakes.  Then I used homemade fondant to make the kitty shapes.  Since I couldn’t find a good Hello Kitty cookie cutter anywhere (and it probably wouldn’t have been the right size anyway), I just found a picture via Google, sketched it out on a piece of card stock, and traced around it with a very sharp knife to make the fondant shapes.  You could, of course, just print an image and use that as a template, but we don’t have a (functioning) printer at home.  Finally, I used black and pink royal icing to do the detailing of the eyes, noses, whiskers and bows.  These would be so much fun to make for any little kid who loves Hello Kitty, and would also be a great project to work on together!

46 Responses

  1. Adorable! We wish our coworkers birthdays were this fun! They look perfect!

  2. Oh my goodness these are adorable!!

  3. I’m not a fan of Hello Kitty but these are adorable! Great project indeed!

  4. Tooooo cute! Perfect as always!

  5. One day i want to make these..You have a beautiful blog..You are so talented..Lovely..Everything.

  6. Annie,

    Cupcakes look great! What kind of pink coloring did you use? I have a problem with coloring, I always get a metallic taste in the icing when trying to get the correct coloring…especially with pink.

    • I use Wilton gel colors. Typically red coloring is what can give frosting a bad taste, but they make “no taste” red which solves the problem.

  7. These cupcakes are so adorable, I am sure your colleague is very happy with them, I know I would be!

  8. Those are incredibly impressive. My girls would go nuts for them!

  9. Ohhhh, these are so freaking adorable and pink! You’re such an awesome coworker, you might be contributing to the increase in productivity after someone enjoys one of your treats!!! Totally cute.

  10. how cute indeed.
    reading & seeing these i so need to brush up on my decorating skills. these are just fabulous.

  11. Oh how adorable, love them!

  12. Those are adorable!

  13. These are so cute! Great job!!! I know tons of adults who love Hello Kitty!

  14. These are so stinkin’ cute! I love Hello Kitty! So many memories! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  15. Thank you for always sharing your amazing projects with us! You always inspire me to cook/bake!

  16. Oh I LOVE these!!

  17. These are amazing! They may even be better than those Star Wars cookies and I was pretty obsessed with those, lol.

  18. So cute! Your colleague must have been thrilled!

  19. TOO cute! I loved Hello Kitty as a little girl.

  20. So cute! Great job. 🙂

  21. A little unrelated to the current post (which is incredibly adorable) but I wanted to let you know that your blog plaid a major role in the menu for my sons 1st birthday party. I’m using your triple chocolate cupcakes, vanilla bean cupcakes, Swiss meringue frosting, and cranberry pecan chicken salad. Parties tomorrow and I’m so excited! I think it goes without saying, but I love your posts.

  22. these are soooo cute! 🙂

  23. I think these would be adorable for a girl baby shower!

  24. Those are too cute! I also had trouble with that bad taste – until I started using chocolate for color. So for blue or red – I make plain frosting, then add a bit of chocolate powder to darken it up, then add the wilton gel for the rest of the color…..as opposed to trying to use coloring from the start….

  25. Love these!!! They make me want to throw a Hello Kitty party!

  26. They are so nice!!!

  27. You are so incredibly talented, Annie! I’m sure your co-workers were just over-the-moon for these. I wonder how busy you must be baking if or when multiple co-workers have birthdays in the same month!

    • Georgia,
      October is what I call “birthday month” with SEVEN birthdays! (Last year it was eight, so this is slightly better I guess.) It does get busy but I make it work!

  28. Hello Kitty is a favorite in our household! My daughter’s room is HK themed! These are so, so cute Annie!

  29. These are SO cute!!!!!!!!!! Great job!

  30. You sure have some lucky co-workers. Adorable work 🙂

  31. Ahhh so so very cute–you did a fabulous job on these!

  32. How funny! My coworker asked for a Hello Kitty cake for her birthday as well! I love being able to share baked goods at the office.. great way to try new things and then get them out of the house 🙂

  33. Now my girls want me to make them!! I will have to sacrifice ; )

  34. Could you post a blog on homemade fondant??

  35. Oh my goodness I have a little girl (and big momma’) at my house that would just go wild about these!!! Too cute!!

  36. So, so cute! Your co-worked must have been in heaven!

  37. How cute Annie!! You are very talented!

  38. these look too good to be eaten! haha

  39. As a huge Hello Kitty fan myself… I have to say those cupcakes turned out amazing!!! You are soooo talented and your co-worker is lucky!

  40. oh my goodness! i just discovered your blog! love!! my name is annie too and i LOVE to bake also! i saw your hello kitty cupcakes and fell in love! i am a huge fan of hello kitty!! I also have a pumpkin problem! i adore starbucks pumpkin spice lattes and enjoy any type of pumpkin dessert! so crazy!!!

  41. Amazing as always!! Way to go, Girl! You’re so gifted!

  42. Amazing, that is just so adorable!!

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