Pastry Bag

The use of a pastry bag can make frosted cakes and cupcakes go from amateur to professional looking in a snap.  I use both mechanical (seen here) and disposal pastry bags, and love both types.  I think they are each better for certain tasks, and I use them both frequently.   One of the questions I most frequently receive about my blog is, “What tip do you use to make your cupcakes look so pretty?”  The tip referred to most often is a large star tip that came with my mechanical pastry bag.  It isn’t labeled with a number for exact sizing.  I think almost all tips do gorgeous things with frosting!

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  1. Hi Annie-

    What is the brand of the mechanical pastry bag that you use? I cannot find one that looks like the one in the picture.



  2. I just received a cuisinart food processor for christmas and would love to try this carrot cupcake recipe. I was wondering should I use the fine or course side of the grating blade? Thanks!

    • Hi Tammi,
      I’m not sure if you’re referring to my carrot cupcake recipe or a different one you had in mind since your comment is attached to a post about a pastry bag. Regardless, I would use the coarse side of the grater for carrot cupcakes. My food processor only has one grater, but I’d consider it on the coarse side of the spectrum.

  3. Hi Annie,

    I noticed that you use the mechanical pastry bag and after admiring your work, I went to the website to purchase one myself. To my dismay, there are about 40/60 reviews commenting on their hatred of the tool. There were some that said it was too messy or that it was very easy to break because of its amount of plastic. I hate to take up your time, but I really would rather not spend the money on it if it has all of these problems. So, if you could give me your opinion I would really appreciate it!


    • Hi Lindsey,
      I wouldn’t have even posted about the mechanical pastry bag if I didn’t recommend it. I love mine to death! I use it all the time for frosting cupcakes. It’s very convenient and has held up very well. I’ve had it about three and a half years now.

  4. Annie, thanks so much! 🙂


  5. Hey Annie,

    Thank you so much first of all for your inspiration. I wanted to know since I am just starting out decorating is the mechanical pastry bag or the reagular pastry bag( the way my mom used to do) better? I made red velvet cupcakes yesterday with cream cheese frosting…they were to die for but I wanted them to look a bit more put together as it was a trial run. thanks again for your blog and recipes!

    • Hi Rebecca,
      Neither one is better than the other, they both yield the same results. I use the mechanical one if I’m only using one type of frosting (like for cupcakes), but I use the plastic ones for royal icing because I use several at a time. I prefer the mechanical one for ease of use, clean up, and because it is less wasteful but I think the end results look the same no matter what as long as you are using a decorating tip of some sort.

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