A lot of recipes call for sifting, be it for flour, sugar, or other dry ingredients.  In a lot of cases, it may not be crucial (and that is when I simply give everything a good stir with a fork).  However, to have a nice smooth frosting, sifting the powdered sugar is a must.  There are a few types of sifters available, but the kind shown here with a handle you can turn is my favorite.  It is efficient, easy to use, and doesn’t hurt my hand!

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  1. Annie:

    I love your site! Being a physician and a mom myself, I am amazed at all you are able to accomplish!

    This may be a silly question . . . Do you wash your sifter? I do, but it is difficult to rinse & dry completely. I wonder if it is worth the bother.

    • Buckeye Baker,
      So glad you enjoy the blog! And that’s not a silly question at all. I actually don’t wash my sifter most of the time, because I don’t think it’s necessary. I always wash it after sifting cocoa powder, but otherwise I just do it once in a while. Hope that helps!

  2. Where did you get your sifter from? I’ve had difficulty finding one like it and really want that exact kind since it’s the kind my grandma had.

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